Saturday, May 14

for those of interest . behidden

attention all straight + bicurious + closted web users. is your solution to surfing queer sites with adult content so that your girlfriend, friends or family members won't find out about you're male interests. i actually discovered this helpful web surfing tool through my web stats for someone was using it and protected them.

i even tried it on my pc. i use windows xp so i deleted everything in my temporary internet files folder. i also cleared my history + autocomplete features and then opened a new window. typed in, and then typed in "" in the "enter the web location (URL)" area and hit GO. and there was my website.

the download rate is a bit slower due to working as a proxy but it works. i quickly checked my temporary internet files folder to find nothing connecting my pc to my own website! f!ckin amazing. and yes!... i'm easily amused. states "If you like visiting adult websites but want to protect your children from seeing the sites that you visited in your browser history, then can help by hiding your browsing activity." maybe they should replace "children" with "boyfriend" or "girlfriend".

there's even more goodies to learn how to use at including anonymous email and member registration for bandwidth purposes [yes you'll have to pay at some point to use this free service daily]. there's also no downloads necessary, you use the website and that's it.

if someone asks why you're using so much, just say you're looking for a gift for them or you use it to check your email or some bullsh*t lie that should cover your bubblebutt homo-interested ass. this is also great for those bored + web searching at work.

for more information, check out the very detailed FAQ section. and for some reason there's a spider that pops up every now and then. i'm fearful of spiders and this just freaked me out. be aware of those animated .gif files. and lastly, is number 9 in a list of the top ten proxy services over at


Anonymous Ian said...

This is so amazing, it allows me to bypass my school's filtering network (ya, Christian school). Thanks man!

1:37 AM  

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