Wednesday, May 11

morcheeba . skye out, daisy in

f!ckin a, i just found out about morcheeba's new single + album over at itunes. but i was shocked to find Skye Edwards has been replaced by another skye lookalike/soundalike that goes by the name, Daisy Martey! i just thought she had a new vivacious look but, for whatever reason, i'm sorry to see the talented miss edwards depart morcheeba. was it bad blood or a solo career?

i have to say, the guys behind morcheeba still got it and the new soultastic lady has a wonderful hypnotic voice that puts me at a comfortable ease. the guys, ross + paul, stated in an interview that "Daisy’s vocals changed everything". go ahead and check out the full interview.

their new single, "wonders never cease" is the first song to get the video treatment. please do check out the full length musical journey in quicktime format + windows media format. [the quicktime format is the best for those wondering] and for those interested, the new morcheeba is currently touring through the UK ending around late may. for those in the area, quickly buy your tickets, a show in london has already sold out! don't forget to check out their revamped official website with new image decor and information on their new album. much love morcheeba... much love!


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