Tuesday, May 17

mv + audio . the rock edition

i would think there's some gay rockers who could appericate this post. i have to share a few songs that i've come across while researching online. i have a vaste taste in music and love to share tell as many as i can about my personal web discoveries.

the first comes from prodigy. after seeing the house of wax soundtrack on itunes, i saw a [new to me] track listed, "spitfire". so i clicked and listened. my ears quickly silenced everything else out. where the f!ck was i when this track was released!?! my eyes suddenly widened when i found the music video. please enjoy the somewhat new single.

real one format

another track i discovered [thanks to itunes] is dark new day . pieces. now me being a big slasher movie buff i immeditaly found a personal connection to slasher movies with this song. producers could put it on the end credits of scream 4. i love the idea and i apologize if it cheapens the song for some. just my opinion. you can buy the track off of itunes for a single buck! it's part of dark new day's EP album. for those wanting an audio taste, please click below now.

the third and last track comes from benzos . glass souls. i, like many, first discovered this snip of this track on the promos for mtv's i want a famous face season 2. i'll be damned if i can figure out the lyrics but the male vocals can only be described as awakening, you take a listen, nothing else matters. just you and his voice. makes me want to scream with the lead singer right when the track hits 3 minutes + 15 seconds. the best thing about this track is it's free! go now to the official website and download a free legal version while you can!


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Thank you. Loved them ALL!@

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