Saturday, May 7

new vintage . the room planner

last summer i came across a great web tool that i shared with readers back in feb|05. if you remember, this item was displayed within the 2nd post of "a boy explores...", an area where i show you the kind of fun a gay guy can have while spending time on the net.

today i bring back the room planner. you'll need flash player 7 to get this very useful + creative web tool to work. once installed, you'll be able to design: a living room, bedroom, youth bedroom, home office, dining room + empty room in which you can start from scratch to format any room of your house.

the way it works is with measurements that you adjust yourself. if you know the floor plan to a specific room in your home or apartment, then you can begin. if you don't, then you'll need to get some kind of measuring tool. those with nothing may use their 9 inch erection to measure with. the dick has other uses.

once you have your measurements you can begin expanding furniture, turning pieces 360 degrees, overlapping pieces, deleting a piece out, using the sidebar to add another piece in, changing the walls in length + height at any given moment... it's such a great tool for those planning a new home design. endless queer fun.

each piece of furniture in the application has an "i" icon in which you can edit everything just a bit quicker. i used the the room planner to redesign my living room. no errors + everything was perfectly in place.

this could become the best web tool for all gay men who have money to burn and drop on furniture with no regrets + worries. it's also for the everyday man who just wants to add one amazing piece within his already mastered comforat collection of personal taste. enjoy this fun web tool and remember to tell your friends. don't forget to email the creators and thank icovia for creating the room planner.


Anonymous said...

can you please tell me the right URL of that programm The Room Planner? I would like to have it, if you can do the dowload for free.
I live alone, but my house is my castle and always with works in progress, ahahahaha

11:37 AM  

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