Monday, May 16

ringedstud's ideal man list

in one of my online research spurts, i found a profile over at with a list. a 100 item "ideal man" list that is "NOT an application for ANYTHING" but just a scorecard type thing where one can see if they are compatible with the guy who created the list, ringedstud.

reading his profile i find that he's a well aged 40 year old man, quite hairy, piercings in lower body, has stubble facial hair and is into leather. he is also a supporter of we should all support websites such as + for their free services. [hint: the only way ringedstud's profile link works is after you agree to the terms + conditions warning on]

below is his master "ideal man" list. it shows that he last logged in today, may 16th 2005 so ringedstud is still looking for the "ideal man". he says that when we create our list, we should start with #100 first which will put a whole different spin on your individual list. go ahead and start your own list on your blog. i'm curious what everyone's would be.

ringedstud's ideal man list:
[1.] Wants a Christmas tree every year.
[2.] Has or loves dogs, especially mine.
[3.] Needs a sling in his life.
[4.] Avoids drugs 99% of the time.
[5.] Has a job that he attends roughly 40 hours per week.
[6.] Has perfect hands and feet and doesn’t know it.
[7.] Has an active fantasy life and can manage to bring fantasy to reality successfully.
[8.] Sees me as a vulnerable man and a child-like god.
[9.] Espouses a personal brand of spirituality.
[10.] Can access his emotions freely.
[11.] Can communicate effectively.
[12.] Can accept responsibility for his mistakes with minimal drama and maximum sincerity.
[13.] Is honored and awed by our relationship.
[14.] Is just as willing to hold hands and cuddle, as he is to swing from the chandeliers, naked and bound.
[15.] Is fiscally responsible.
[16.] Can cry.
[17.] Is both sinner and saint.
[18.] Clips coupons.
[19.] Isn’t afraid of dirt, motor oil, blood, or grass stains.
[20.] Reads labels.
[21.] Likes to go out as much as “creating an evening” and staying in.
[22.] Has minimal neuroses, psychoses, and stupidoses.
[23.] Loves to cook.
[24.] Can empathize with my HIV status and the vicissitudes that the disease brings with it.
[25.] Is muscular but not overdone.
[26.] Has light eyes and dark hair.
[27.] Is totally versatile.
[28.] Sports a medium-sized dick, and knows how to use it to its fullest advantage.
[29.] Has bull balls.
[30.] Understands the difference between your and you’re, their and they’re, and its and it’s.
[31.] Speaks French so we can converse together in our own “private” language.
[32.] Smiles beautifully, broadly, and often.
[33.] Laughs frequently, especially at my dry sense of humor.
[34.] Owns and rides a bike regularly.
[35.] Has a well-used gym membership.
[36.] Hates clowns too because they’re creepy.
[37.] Thinks chateaubriand and scrambled eggs and ketchup both have their time and place in the culinary experience.
[38.] Thinks bottled water is a waste and a racket.
[39.] Would want a big house only to fill it with visiting friends.
[40.] Would want a large professional kitchen only for us to cook for those friends.
[41.] Would pay top dollar for a reliable car, not a trendy car.
[42.] Has two eyebrows.
[43.] Looks at an expensive antique four-poster bed and immediately thinks “I could tie him to that!”
[44.] Knows which end of the hammer is the business end and isn’t afraid to use it.
[45.] Suggests that we take night classes together and then comes home with the course catalog so we can choose.
[46.] Spoons automatically with me when he crawls into bed.
[47.] Infuriates me by taking a bite out of every chocolate in the box and then surprises me with my own box.
[48.] Is also a coffee fiend and aficionado, appreciating the fact that the most important life events happen over coffee.
[49.] Reads to me while we’re driving.
[50.] Holds my hand when we’re, well…everywhere.
[51.] Knows the difference between smelling like a man and polluting the atmosphere.
[52.] Feels the same way about clothes that I do: they’re extraneous but sometimes necessary.
[53.] Loves kids and wants several of our own someday.
[54.] Hopes for the best and plans for the worst.
[55.] Takes the reins with conviction.
[56.] Hands them over with complete trust.
[57.] Would bathe me daily if I were incapacitated.
[58.] Would bathe me daily even if I weren’t, but reserves that for special occasions.
[59.] Collects but doesn’t hoard, being more than willing to release and return things to the Universal Library.
[60.] Would only want to win the lottery to be able to help his friends and family.
[61.] Respects waiters and servers.
[62.] Understands the difference between righteous anger and throwing a tantrum.
[63.] Is judicious with his time, talent, energy, money, and spirituality.
[64.] Understands the importance of balance in all things.
[65.] Spends time working on himself and growing as an individual.
[66.] Creates and delights in his own sacred space and time.
[67.] Fosters his own hobbies, friends, and opinions.
[68.] Would never eat the last piece of anything before offering it to others first.
[69.] Would never leave without saying goodbye, whether that was a kiss, a hug, or a handshake.
[70.] Can whistle and wants to teach me.
[71.] Is proud of our relationship and comfortable with our sexuality.
[72.] Is forever hearing “You’re GAY??”
[73.] Doesn’t smoke, but can appreciate the fine aroma of a primo Cuban cigar.
[74.] Clips fingernails, toenails, and nose hairs regularly.
[75.] Loves to travel.
[76.] Loves coming home.
[77.] Appreciates the power of silence and feels no need to fill it.
[78.] Surprises me with his creativity.
[79.] Trusts his intuition and instincts as much as he trusts his own experience.
[80.] Can change his oil, his fuses, and his mind.
[81.] Makes my toes curl in bed without even trying, and makes me talk to God when he is trying.
[82.] Would rather buy a “fixer-upper” and fix it up with me than move into something new.
[83.] Looks behind himself when walking through a door to make sure that it doesn’t close on someone behind him.
[84.] Can say “You’re full of shit” so sweetly and diplomatically that I want to thank him for pointing that out.
[85.] Has men and women going out of their way to tell me how adorable he is.
[86.] Doesn’t go to the window first in a hotel room to check the view (as 90% of travelers do), he goes to my zipper first because hotels make us both horny as hell.
[87.] Sees gray hair as a sign of maturity, not something that must be dreaded and dyed.
[88.] Is equally comfortable in jeans and T-shirts or a tuxedo, but prefers to be naked.
[89.] Flirts shamelessly making sure that I’m the recipient of the lion’s share of his trysts.
[90.] Takes his meds, including antidepressants, regularly.
[91.] Considers therapy a necessary part of the routine emotional tune-up process.
[92.] Has a child-like curiosity and enthusiasm.
[93.] Would take a bullet for me.
[94.] Wouldn’t want flowers at his funeral, or wedding for that matter, preferring that that money go toward good food, drinks, and entertainment to celebrate the occasion.
[95.] Would be such a revered soul that there would be standing room only at his funeral and wedding.
[96.] Sees life as an active pursuit, full of active verbs, and a few passive naps.
[97.] Considers my feelings, needs, wants, and desires as valid as his, and wants to hear them all make room for as many as possible.
[98.] Sees computers and TVs as distractions and entertainment, but not as replacements or surrogates for friendships or relationships.
[99.] Is prompt and on time, respecting other people’s schedules.
[100.] Knows that I’d be doing all of these things and more for him and us too.

this blogmaster can't whistle. i do suprise people with my creativity. i won't read to anyone while they're driving. i also hate clowns but my reasons come from a movie called poltergeist. i also cry + read labels. but i would pay top dollar for a trendy car, not a reliable car. overall i'm about 62% match for a guy like ringedstud.

should we always be a perfect match for someone? no. the best moments in a relationship is learning how to understand someone other than yourself. have fun creating your own list and i bow to ringedstud for creating such a detailed, thought provoking list. i'm working on mine to post in the coming weeks.


Blogger Richard said...

Try to live up to this guy's expectations or just shoot yourself in the head? Which would be easier?

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry.. but what a douche.
its always hard to write a "decent" personal ad online, since you KNOW there are tons of freaks that are going to reply, so of course you try to narrow it down.

but you can also go a bit overboard. i bet he would be only happy if he could clone himself.

7:21 AM  
Blogger aguysite said...

hey guys, it's just an online ad. nothing that is going to personally effect you in anyway. it's a harmless ad that is not meant for perfection but an example of what could be perfection. no one is complete perfection but i'd like to think we're all ideal in some way to someone.

thank you ringedstud for the list.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well maybe it wouldnt be so out of place if he wouldve posted it on some site where you dont see more cock and ass shots than face shots.

and rather than 100 do-s next time just try 5 dont-s.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like a pretty boring guy.

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just finished reading ringedstud's list of preferences for his ideal guy. honestly i dont see what is so wrong with that. most of the above posts are criticising this guy for having an extensive list. the only thing i think that is different between ringedstud and the rest of us is that he verbalized what he would like. the rest of us have similar do's and dont's that we apply to people, but it doesn't seem like we have that much becase we dont sit down and really think about what works for us and what doesn't. at least with a list like that, you know what kind of person you are talking to, whether or not you will be interested in them and if they in turn will be interested in you. thanks for bearing with me through my ranting hehehe. by the way, i meet up with 82% of that list.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ideal man is the one who connects with you in every form.
I can't say what an ideal man is.Simply because, every person is different and everybody have good things and bad things too.
Now, want to spend the rest of your life alone? Make a list of the ideal man!

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the list is more a reflection of himself than what he wants in a partner ( thats the point of reading #100 first)

3:51 PM  

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