Thursday, May 19

star wars 3 line . 2 kinds of cute

my experience at the star wars line in plano, tx was an overall well spent day. there was a great handful of cute muscled nerds mixed among a sea of plump star war nerds. i even got a cute muscled nerd to let me lick the sweat off his 6 pack. but there was one guy with a backpack that caught my eye, i lost sight of him once inside the theatre but i was able to capture one photo. i like to call him my "star wars 3 line fantasy boyfriend slash f!ckbuddy". god he was so f!ckin' cute. at least my kind of cute!

the next cute photo was of a lil' lady dressed as princess lela. she was completely adorable and should have won best dressed of the day. in other daily happenings, the only drama that occurred was the "line campers" taking up the entire middle section of the theatre saving too many seats + some guy spoiling the movie inside the theatre but was quickly removed by security. and i didn't win a damn thing after spending close to 50 bucks on raffle tickets.

there was also a very, very handsome muscled gentleman cop, in his early fifties. i did get the chance to exchange a few words with him but i noticed a wedding ring. i would have loved to been hand cuffed, taken to his patrol car in the parking lot and made his male bitch. some day nate... some day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are defintely two kinds of cute!! Ty!

1:13 PM  
Blogger standaman said...

Muscled nerds are definitely the wqay to go! woof!

5:57 PM  

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