Thursday, June 30

ass crack idol . aguysite blog's entry

well here it is. my aguysite blog entry. [featured above] no, it is not of my bum but of an average possibly straight beer drinking stud who's ass crack is captured with just the right amount of light to cause the erection of all erections.

i've enter this photo in the contest for proceed at your own risk's american idol: ass crack edition contest. you can comment here if you like but you have to vote over at proceed at your own risk to help me win the money prize.

now i'm not going to use the money for myself. if i win, the money will be donated to the HRC [human rights campaign].

now yes you could write "aguysite" over at the official contest but you of course have the choice to vote for which ever ass crack contestant gets your erection to salute this american tradition!

so far i've gotten a few votes... one guy said "I don't get the aguyssite entry..who exactly is it?" well now you know the story behind my entry. it's just an image representing my blog. and if i win i will donate the prize money to charity.

go vote "#1 aguysite" today!

how about a nipple contest for the next very queer but very entertaining contest from proceed at your own risk?

Wednesday, June 29

desenho . inked

and speaking of desenho, patrick devon is currently unpacking and making typepad his new home on the web. as of june 28th, patrick is giving away some free tees to those who can insert the best choice of words into a quote... check out patrick devon's blog and win a designer tee you can't find at ho-mart or targay.

Tuesday, June 28

faddism runway . dino alves

at the lisbon fashion week 2005, dino alves [one of 16 portuguese fashion designers] held a show where only visual images take your very breath away. alves is quoted in frame magazine that the design "of a catwalk where many shows will take place should be as simple as possible, with some nice details, but not too strong". i'm thinking he doesn't want any distractions from the articles of clothing in his show...

while you take in the imagery of dino alves, why not listen to lady d . champagne lady or daniell spencer . by design through your winamp player. if you enjoy my selections for this faddism runway, you can download these free + legal mp3 titles over at

Monday, June 27 . the slut returns

geekslut . the official site

wow. i was floored when i visited new fellow blogger thomasco and saw geekslut added onto his blog list. well i thought, this geekslut guy has been away from the blogging community for some time... why would thomasco add a blog that hasn't been updated since february 2005? a blog that was quoted in saying "Well dawgs the show's over."

i just figured warcraft had geekslut's rank bull nuts and wouldn't let go and that maybe warcraft held him captive and made him its new pc bitch. but then we discover geekslut was going through some tough times. fast forward a few good months and he returns, back to his "cruisin"/blogging self. f!ck yeah mutha f!cker! f!ckkkk yeah!

and he has hair! freakin sweet. and he's starting to host video diaries. not sure if they'll be the same format as tony hadyen's blogvids but geekslut is telling us they'll begin very soon on his blog. geekslut is my web addiction.

so let's start herding you his way. he has never been one to allow comments [not sure why] but he does welcome queer emails. if you've got the time, start with his first entry and catch up on his blog history. tell your friends, your wife + queer twink lover... the slut is back.

Sunday, June 26

sunday . bareback jesus

Saturday, June 25

learn 2 lust . the ebay model

for those of interest . chaise mooty

since the learn2lust model above loves to pose for abercrombie clothing i thought i'd mention my own discovery reading thursday's edition of the dallas morning news. last year they held a model contest, F!D Model Search 2004, where we, the dallas public, helped choose the winners. we ended up choosing pretty boy chaise mooty as the male winner. i thought, wow another model search. who cares. i didn't even vote. i actually wanted another guy to win.

well when abercrombie + fitche debuted their new summer campaign online, i noticed the cover model looked maybe somewhat familiar but i didn't care enough to actually look around and investigate.

as i read the paper this past thursday morning, they were announcing the contest is back for 2005 and they were updating what the winners had done since they won last year. it turns out chaise mooty is the recent abercrombie + fitch cover model for their website! my queer [very easy to amuse] jaw dropped!

this kid is only 17 years of age and men across the globe are thinking dirty, naughty thoughts about him. well it's his own fault that some higher being created him so pure + beautiful. in the update article we find out that his favorite day- wait. let's get the fag hags over and act like we're reading teen beat.

chaise says his favorite time of the day is around 5 in the morning when the sun is rising. he has kings of convenience + the killers on his ipod. he can't miss a single episode of the real world, a show he seriously needs to apply for. his celebrity dream date is natalie portman. ew, gross. it should be mr. tom cruise! chaise actually reads, his last book was the great gatsby [i'm thinking maybe he read this one for school!].

his favorite website is xanga dot com because he likes to read his friend's online journals. his ringtone on his cell is the star wars theme. he wears gap's low boot-cut jeans. he'd like to go to TCU for college and transfer later to a college in new york or l.a. and chaise reads the same mag as i do, Arena, a uk men's fashion magazine! [i quickly grab my fag hag's hand and we both scream into each other's face of innoncent excitement] his next gig is to go to new york for a Wallpaper magazine photo shoot.

he also describes his abercrombie photo shoot as "a big, weeklong party at an all-paid resort." bitch.

a sassy girl over at sarah's blog wrote one may day, "There's a fifteen-foot-high sign on market street showing a shirtless youth with the caption, "Chaise Mooty -- A&F's New Face." As I walk by I only come up to Chaise's chest, and I keep wanting to recaption it 'A&F's New Nipple.'"

for those queer curious on the F!D contest, applicants need not to live in north texas but must be available for photo shoots in the dallas area. deadline for the 2005 contest is aug. 15th with finalists announced aug. 25th. now for those wanting to view model candy in the dallas area, you'll need to go to the galleria mall on aug. 6th for a fashion show combined with the contest search. i hope i have nothing planned that day...

i heart chaise. for more information on this newbie god in the making, check out another article all about this fashion hunk over at images magazine.

Friday, June 24

cinematic . rize

rize . theatrical trailer . quicktime format

ever since i saw this trailer on the big screen [attached with haute tension], i felt this over whelming excitement. the images pushed through me, i wanted to get up and f!ckin unleash my frustrations... these movie docu images do something to you. i haven't been able to get these images of rize out of my mind. the film opens today in select theatres, amc in the dallas/ft worth area, and i'm going to try and see it this weekend. i'm going to have to take a coat or something because these men are going to give me an 85 minute erection! thank you director david lachapelle.

rize . official cinematic website

magmozine . a bear's life

this is the first i've seen of this new publication. any of my readers fall under this proud category of the bear? well if you do, i have some rather furrable news for you. a new magazine is about to hit the queer newsstands. it's called a bear's life. the creators of a bear's life claim that this new creation is the first of its kind to celebrate the masculine lifestyle.

yes, we've seen many online websites who celebrate the oh so sexy + very masculine lifestyle of the bear but none have stepped forward to create a magazine who's audience is quite massive and really large.

awhile back genex created a mock online magazine that never evolved after a few playful cover photos. his faux magazine was called "teen bear". his last issue featured cover model "bucko" in the summer issue. when "teen bear" first appeared, many loved to rip apart the idea of an actual teen bear but genex continued creating new cover issues of his intriguing creation. he even went as far as to create a line of "teen bear" tees but shelved the project for various reasons. it would have been a grand idea to create a few tees at a shirt shop and auction them off on ebay with the help of the blogging community. proceeds going to maybe hiring a bear escort well, that's what i would have done if it was my idea... but "teen bear" belongs to genex.

back to a bear's life. now that the actual publication has been announced, i'm very curious to find a copy. after a quick visit to the official site i discover that the first issue has a street date of august 1st 2005. now for anyone interested in advertising inside a bear's life, you can contact for futher information but the deadline for the premiere issue is july 20th!

the creators, for those interested, are bear brothers enterprises ltd. i could not find an official website for this company but i was able to find musclebear dot com advertising the magazine.

in a bear's life demographics & reader habits pdf document, we find that the target audience includes a median age of 37 years, someone who flies on an average of six times a year, goes out to a bar and/or club 2-5 days a week, eats out 2-7 times a week, belongs to a gym and someone who spent about $800 dollars online in the last 6 months. i guess i don't exactly fall in their demographics but i am interested in the magazine nonetheless. very eager to get my own copy.

as of today, the website does not offer any means of getting a subscription. i guess we should bookmark the site and check back in august...

Thursday, June 23

foto . barberini faun

Wednesday, June 22

june mv's . the blog edition

basement jaxx . you don't know me . real one format

roisin murphy . if we're in love . windows media format

armand van helden . into your eyes . windows media format

Tuesday, June 21

aussiebum the new abercrombie?

i'd like to think so. since abercrombie + fitch has lost the soft porn catalogue for a celeb catalogue and voiced their public announcements that they do not marketed to queers but rather "18-22 year old college students", the brand aussiebum suddenly becomes the impressive new online abercrombie. how you say? read on.

when first visiting aussiebum dot com dot au, you are first visually thrown back by the images of breathtaking australian men drenched in aussiebum swimwear. this feeling was once felt on abercrombie.

when shopping online, one can see that the aussiebum company is branching out into other articles of clothing. there's the hot blue colored "college" tee as well as the light blue undies i hope to add to my wardrobe collection soon. i'm also a fan of the very flattering "tri-ahtlete" shorts.

there's also a section that is evolving into an online magazine similar to what abercrombie still offers. abercrombie calls theirs "lifestyle" while aussiebum calls theirs "auslife". here they offer our first amateurish glimpse at australian beef in their very own quicktime video entitled "warriors of the water". you want more proof that aussiebum is queer friendly? well, in the june issue of "auslife" we get the widely popular hyundai commerical that has its own queer twist ending. all just for us. at least i'd like to think it's just for us.

aussiebum also offers their very queer pleasing ads in many gay magazines in which you can view in their media page whereas abercrombie + fitch only offers their ads in girly fashion mags.

why not go and visit aussiebum to experience your first queer friendly online experience. while you're there, purchase your very own pair of fashionable + hard to get in the u.s. undies. and don't forget to bookmark the aussie site for monthly queer friendly updates! enjoy.

Monday, June 20

dernier cri . dulce de leche

dulce de leche . official website

Sunday, June 19

vote for chris . the treasure trail edition

proceed at your risk's treasure trail thing is over. and chris won. this is him below.

sunday . father's day

Saturday, June 18

the talent . finbarr massi

oh i love it when i personally discover someone who i feel is going to make my life just that much better. and the person filling up my ipod is finbarr massi. this san diego dj/remixer/producer has the body + the talent. finbarr is currently featured at the san diego rebar, home of leather men + leather bears. [saturdays are "backroom nights"... hmmm, wonder what this means.] finbarr also got the chance to dj at the san diego rock 'n' roll marathon.

mr. massi official website features endless amounts of free music. high quality mp3 format. big album files. and just the right amount of photos of his fully clothed beefy body. but thinking back to my previous editions, i did remember his face + body on a photographer's website. yes my friends, let's go directly to those images photographed by the talented norman sinanian, who says that "Photography is Art in its purest form."

here finbarr massi is known as "barry" and showcases his entire body to us. if you want to see these copyrighted images, please head on over to norman sinanian official website.

back to finbarr. i'm currently listening to his album "naked6" which runs 79 minutes + 50 seconds. please be kind on his bandwidth, download one, see if he's your type of music, then download more. we blog + webmasters know how frustrating it can be when it comes to bandwidth issues.

you can also find more music featuring finbarr massi over at juno uk + perfect beat. enjoy dj finbarr + enjoy norman sinanian. both great talents for your saturday afternoon delights.

father's day week . day seven

family pride . equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) parents and their families.

Friday, June 17

the blog . musclebeast

[a new entry you may see a few times more is 'the blog'. this entry will highlight another blog i found on my web research or a blog on my list located just to your right, go ahead + click them all, let's enjoy an orgy of blogs! anyways, when you see 'the blog' post, this means that their selected entry or entire blog deserves your full attention.]

musclebeast, aka "5'9 175 40c 33w 15a 21q 16c" has been showcasing his body of work for sometime. actually since april 19th was his first entry where he says

"Finally an anonymous blog to post my ramblings. No pressure either; I doubt anyone is reading this. I'll be posting here after my workouts. Sort of a post-mortem to write down my thoughts - I noticed that after my workouts my mind is really sharp."

well now some queers are reading this. not too sure if you're straight musclebeast or queer, but get over it, you've got some new fans. and somehow, BFLJock79, got ahold of musclebeast's blog and was his first entry on april 24th.

on musclebeast's blog you'll also find many large bodybuilder pics. you'd wish he'd post more images or at least create a series of a posts educating us on a famous bodybuilder such as this previous aguysite blog post. who the f!ck is this guy? click and comment. they are a form of inspiration + encouragment for readers. for this queer, they are purty but not my type of guys i'd sleep with. nothing wrong with solid muscle. i just want a slimmer build. is it all right with you if i want a slimmer build?!?

one of his cutest blog fans is chwjohns. with closer inspection, it seems he has a devoted web audience who comments repeatedly for every post musclebeast adds. but that's what we blogmasters love, a repeat audience. it breathes life into our blogs.

go ahead and check out musclebeast. just don't beg for naughty queer shots of him. you let him do his own thing and i'll post the queer blog content here for you on aguysite blog!

father's day week . day six

Thursday, June 16

i love soccer moms 2

father's day week . day five

i love you dad... [he may never see this message because he's the last person i would tell when and if i come out this year.]

Wednesday, June 15

june letter 2 . i'm bi now.

starting july 1st, will become a bi-monthly website. maintaing aguysite blog, + is beginning to take its tole on me. i still absolutely love presenting new content through 3 websites but i need to pull back. just a bit. i hope no one minds. i know there are 1,000's of you bookmarking as well as my other 2 blogs but please know that is never getting put to sleep with the other dead websites that float around the depths of the web.

the most important reason as to why is not going away... because since june 28th 2003, my site has generated 1,000,000+ visits. i still can't believe it. all thanks to you, my fans. i wish on the gayest, brightest star that my blog can reach 1 million hits by december 2006.'s overall purpose is meant to be revisited. some may just pass through once a month but i personally love to return to and its many pages. i use it to click through certain favorite websites, i use it as my hidden web bookmark for my favorite websites when i'm not on my own personal pc and i use it to help me get off when i need some grade A jerk off material. i wonder... what do you do with

again, i hope you don't mind the slight change. bringing you 2 blogs and a visually pleasing website is still very rewarding for me. it's great therapy for this closeted queer. this is not a hobby as it is for some. i've turned this into a full time job. i get up, work a few hours + then get on with whatever else outside interests require of me. these 3 websites are not a past time. they are part of my life. and i'm glad they are part of yours now.

and now for those fans of interest, has a brand new interview debuting by the end of june with musclematt dot com. i also plan on opening 3 new sections: the gentlemen, the ebony + the twink. is always changing, brand new + always with fresh content to debut when you never expect it coming. i'm doing my best. the best i can.

thank you for your time and i appericate any positive or negative comments about my work on, + aguysite blog.

back to work,
aguysite blogmaster.

father's day week . day four

Tuesday, June 14

dot com . gaydar radio

for those living the london life can flip to channel 908 on your digital tv boxes to catch gaydar radio. for those living elsewhere, click on over to gaydar radio to listen live!

gaydar radio is the best radio station for queers across the globe. for nothing down you too can experience sounds of dj's + remixes 24 hours a day. the official website offers a low bandwidth + a high bandwidth option and it also offers a dsl/56k connection choice. this free radio station even has one of the best features i wish all stations had... a playlist of what's previously been on, what's currently playing and what's next to play. i can't get enough of this station.

but... yes there's a mighty fine but. when you're listening, and there's someone close by who may not be aware of your queer interests, gaydar radio loves to announce quite loudly that you're listening to "gaydar radio, the biggest gay + lesbian radio station!" you should just listen when no one's around if you're a closeted gay boy. last thing you need is someone asking you "what the f!ck are you listening to?"

gaydar radio is part of the bigger gaydar web universe. we have gaydar guys. we have gaydar girls. and we have the rainbow network, an online daily guide for everything queer. but you have to sign up for these extra websites and yes, registration is free of charge.

you know, awhile back i had a gaydar profile up. i haven't checked it in over a year. let's see who's responding. we got "dick" who says "What a hot man and what a hot site you have... The site is almost overwhelming in that one could spend all day there and still not have duplicate a screen. I was totally impress as to the layout and insight it offers. Your presentation is awesome. It is fresh in it's approach and totally unpredictable. Koodo's to you and your site." well thanks dick!

let's see, we also have "snakedr" who has the biggest, fattest cock head i've seen in years!!! [can't show you though]. but when i started using some other features, i quickly found out that i had to upgrade my free membership. well i'm not in the mood for that.

well there you have it. four great websites to look through, listen to, enjoy + hook up with.

father's day week . day three

this agusyite blog entry is dedicated to guys 18 years of age and up. this is your introduction to the d.i.l.f., based on my own experiences and web education.

the definition for this term is: dad i'd like to f!ck. who really knows how this name came to be but one easily suspects the creation came from the term, m.i.l.f.'s. as always, ladies do come first, so when the mother's got their new tag name from straight horny teens, it only made sense that gay horny teens came up with d.i.l.f's.

i would love that we queer guys take hold of this title and keep it ours. why you ask, well just for the f!ck of it! last thing i need is a horde of straight girls walking around the mall wearing our tshirts. d.i.l.f belongs to us. listen up ladies, when your best friend or boy friend is cheating on you with your mother or some m.i.l.f. down the street, you stay away from the dads. even the straight ones are ours! you ladies get to cheat on your cheating boyfriends with his best friend you've always wanted.

in the straight world, daddy means father. in our world, daddy also means father but also has a definition far more complex. a gay daddy is an older gay man who often seeks younger men. someone who is dominating or aggressive with experience. some care for you, shower you with gifts, ask you to live with them under their roof. the relationship created with a daddy has unlimited possiblities, just do what your daddy tells you do and you'll always get a reward.

the untouchable d.i.l.f.
now let's say you are an 18 year old guy who just became legal and you've been lusting after your gym teacher who also happens to be your math teacher. he wears a wedding ring and mentions his wife every now and then. he is not a d.i.l.f.

now if this man suddenly announces his wife is pregnant with his first child, then ding f!cking ding boys, he's officially a d.i.l.f. now these types of dads are easy to find but understand that just because your young pecker gets erect when near him that his may not get erect when near you. this d.i.l.f. becomes a fantasy. he's untouchable. and both of your lives could become very problematic if the d.i.l.f. does show interest in you while married with children in the home.

breaking up a marriage is not what you're suppose to do. for those with rare incidents of d.i.l.f. love, you should learn to f!ck or get f!cked by the man but verbally tell him that your life is worth something more than an afternoon f!ck. you tell him that he needs to leave his marriage if he continues to seek your bum. if i'm just talking out of my ass then please point me in the right direction where i can meet a teen and d.i.l.f. both happy and enjoying life under lies and discreetion... you really need to learn to f!ck him once and move on. if you do get that chance to sleep with him, you should get the fantasy out of your head and get it over with. only tainted love exists when the man is married. you should know this.

moving on from the d.i.l.f.
now this is where you, the gay legal teen, learn to go after older men. to sleep with. to love. to f!ck. to jerk off with. etc. once you get that older man your fantasy of the d.i.l.f. becomes a reality. roleplay with him... that is if he's game. most are. there's a great article over at gay dot com all about daddy/boy relationships.

do remember, not all older men are into guys like you. some do want men in their own age range. there are even some fourty something men who want older men, not you.

now the types of older men you have to look out for are the ones seeking younger guys under the age of 18. he's not a d.i.l.f., he's michael jackson. and we all know being michael is just bad.

my only personal advice for those who have found an older man to be with is to do what he says only if it makes you happy. it's not about making him happy. it's about making you both happy.

d.i.l.f. roleplay
now of course you don't have to be in a relationship with a gay daddy if you don't want to be. there's always the act of roleplay. a one time f!ck. you could cyber sex with an older guy online. you can act out verbal sex with an older daddy on the phone. you are allowed to roleplay with older men.

word of caution though. if this older man wants you to roleplay under the age of 18, be fully aware this a problem. you don't want to encourage an older man that roleplaying with a younger boy under 18 is appropiate behaviour. you are encouraging the man that lusting for younger guys under the age of 18 is acceptable. don't let this happen. be an adult about it and tell him roleplaying younger than 18 is not what you do. if he says he doesn't want you because of this, please move on.

once you've found the right gay daddy to roleplay with, then you're going to have tons of d.i.l.f. related fun.

that's it for this third entry in my father's day week series. comment away if you like.

Monday, June 13

father's day week . day two

cinematic . the new world

the new world . theatrical trailer . windows media format

Sunday, June 12

sunday . in the name of the father...

in the church of queer we raise our hands to the sky. but wait. we know who "in the name of the father..." is. and we know who "and of the son..." is. each pictured above. but who is "and of the holy ghost."

anyone care to educate us as to who the holy ghost is in the church of queer?

father's day week . day one

alexei watches his father working out . Father and Son

Saturday, June 11

learn 2 lust . penn state cheerleaders

i lust the one in the top middle

Friday, June 10

blogmaster . 100,005

you read that right. aguysite blog has hit the 100,005 mark! everyone celebrates their blog numbers. some are higher than me, some are catching up, regardless we should all celebrate our blog stats because everyone seems to want to know who's visiting + from where. and now i'm celebrating.

i'm quite happy with the 2,000+ readers returning daily. other blogs have more, some have less, but i'm beyond happy my site is gaining a larger audience. of course thanks to the many blogs + websites who've linked me up. couldn't have done it without many of you.

and for those who comment, each word typed is fully apperciated and i read every single one. we blogmasters love to hear from our audience. go fug yourself use to allow comments and they would usually receive 100+ posts per visual entry. when you reach that amount of comments, it's hard to keep up with what everyone writes. i can handle a few less than that! but for some reason though, go fug disabled comments...

now as for the triple x rating some blogmasters are giving me. i'm not triple X! no where near it. i think i'm maybe one x, maybe half an x. if one blogmaster labels me this type of rating then other's quickly follow. i'm not f!ckin triple x material! i'm for a mature audience like most blogs i link to. i've gone ahead and added my "please read" sign twice so that my readers fully understand that i'm in no way sending you this material, you are choosing to receive it.

now for those choosing to receive my filthy "triple x" content and have fun with my posts, well i hope you continue to stick around because i've got alot more queer stuff i want to share with you. remember, june 12th through june 19th is father's day week! lots of good posts to follow the daily non father day posts.

i do want to say this before i end this entry. i'm sorry i can't write about political happenings. i'm sorry i can't impress some with thought provoking entries. i'm sorry i can't reach some other blog's intellectual level. i'm just an average queer guy who posts about guys + the simple things in life. i think some people have taken me off their blog lists. so f!ckin what. don't need you then. go fug off. "don't need ya bitach." i just want to entertain. can i do that?

you know, blogging is for everyone. there are all types of blogs for every type of interest. start our own. start from scratch. find your voice. just start one! give it time and you'll find your audience. cause so f!ckin happy with mine.

thank you everyone! to celebrate i got some strippers!!! + i got ladytron performing their new hit single, sugar!!!

ladytron . sugar . windows media format