Thursday, June 30

ass crack idol . aguysite blog's entry

well here it is. my aguysite blog entry. [featured above] no, it is not of my bum but of an average possibly straight beer drinking stud who's ass crack is captured with just the right amount of light to cause the erection of all erections.

i've enter this photo in the contest for proceed at your own risk's american idol: ass crack edition contest. you can comment here if you like but you have to vote over at proceed at your own risk to help me win the money prize.

now i'm not going to use the money for myself. if i win, the money will be donated to the HRC [human rights campaign].

now yes you could write "aguysite" over at the official contest but you of course have the choice to vote for which ever ass crack contestant gets your erection to salute this american tradition!

so far i've gotten a few votes... one guy said "I don't get the aguyssite entry..who exactly is it?" well now you know the story behind my entry. it's just an image representing my blog. and if i win i will donate the prize money to charity.

go vote "#1 aguysite" today!

how about a nipple contest for the next very queer but very entertaining contest from proceed at your own risk?


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