Tuesday, June 21

aussiebum the new abercrombie?

i'd like to think so. since abercrombie + fitch has lost the soft porn catalogue for a celeb catalogue and voiced their public announcements that they do not marketed to queers but rather "18-22 year old college students", the brand aussiebum suddenly becomes the impressive new online abercrombie. how you say? read on.

when first visiting aussiebum dot com dot au, you are first visually thrown back by the images of breathtaking australian men drenched in aussiebum swimwear. this feeling was once felt on abercrombie.

when shopping online, one can see that the aussiebum company is branching out into other articles of clothing. there's the hot blue colored "college" tee as well as the light blue undies i hope to add to my wardrobe collection soon. i'm also a fan of the very flattering "tri-ahtlete" shorts.

there's also a section that is evolving into an online magazine similar to what abercrombie still offers. abercrombie calls theirs "lifestyle" while aussiebum calls theirs "auslife". here they offer our first amateurish glimpse at australian beef in their very own quicktime video entitled "warriors of the water". you want more proof that aussiebum is queer friendly? well, in the june issue of "auslife" we get the widely popular hyundai commerical that has its own queer twist ending. all just for us. at least i'd like to think it's just for us.

aussiebum also offers their very queer pleasing ads in many gay magazines in which you can view in their media page whereas abercrombie + fitch only offers their ads in girly fashion mags.

why not go and visit aussiebum to experience your first queer friendly online experience. while you're there, purchase your very own pair of fashionable + hard to get in the u.s. undies. and don't forget to bookmark the aussie site for monthly queer friendly updates! enjoy.


Blogger Rob Danger said...

But you have to admit, you'd have to be nuts to wears those swim-trunks.
Unless you have no fear of your stuff falling out.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous ziggy - yeah, stardust! said...

Those shorts are similar, to what our Australian Football League (AFL) players used to wear up to the mid to late nineties; all thighs, arse and crutch. Sadly, they went out of fashion when long shorts became fashionable.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous bingxiang said...

Nice little article there! aussiebum is the perfect answer to summertime: hot guys, sexy swimwears, and hot guys wearing sexy swimwears..hehe

just wondering if there are hi res pictures of the guys wearing the swimwears (if you go to the image section, you can see the billboards and poster.. but there are some pictures of this guy standing in the ocean, and i really want it to be my wallpaper..)

please help!!

4:49 AM  
Blogger Speedodfw said...

I thin Aussie Bums are so hot. I is all guys should wear, I have 12 of them and just ordered the tri-athlete running shorts, all 3 colors. I wish they made them in white. Maybe next year. Hard to find guys in Dallas into them. Still looking.

12:06 PM  

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