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[a new entry you may see a few times more is 'the blog'. this entry will highlight another blog i found on my web research or a blog on my list located just to your right, go ahead + click them all, let's enjoy an orgy of blogs! anyways, when you see 'the blog' post, this means that their selected entry or entire blog deserves your full attention.]

musclebeast, aka "5'9 175 40c 33w 15a 21q 16c" has been showcasing his body of work for sometime. actually since april 19th was his first entry where he says

"Finally an anonymous blog to post my ramblings. No pressure either; I doubt anyone is reading this. I'll be posting here after my workouts. Sort of a post-mortem to write down my thoughts - I noticed that after my workouts my mind is really sharp."

well now some queers are reading this. not too sure if you're straight musclebeast or queer, but get over it, you've got some new fans. and somehow, BFLJock79, got ahold of musclebeast's blog and was his first entry on april 24th.

on musclebeast's blog you'll also find many large bodybuilder pics. you'd wish he'd post more images or at least create a series of a posts educating us on a famous bodybuilder such as this previous aguysite blog post. who the f!ck is this guy? click and comment. they are a form of inspiration + encouragment for readers. for this queer, they are purty but not my type of guys i'd sleep with. nothing wrong with solid muscle. i just want a slimmer build. is it all right with you if i want a slimmer build?!?

one of his cutest blog fans is chwjohns. with closer inspection, it seems he has a devoted web audience who comments repeatedly for every post musclebeast adds. but that's what we blogmasters love, a repeat audience. it breathes life into our blogs.

go ahead and check out musclebeast. just don't beg for naughty queer shots of him. you let him do his own thing and i'll post the queer blog content here for you on aguysite blog!


Blogger Joe said...

I can pretty much guarantee that Muscle Beast is queer. :)

And he's much bigger in person than he seems in the pics. For those of us into the whole muscle thing. heh heh

Nothing wrong with being into slimmer guys. I mean, how else would I get as much play as I do. ;)

Have a great weekend and thanks to Muscle Beast, I'll be back to check out your site on a regular basis. Afterall, repeat business is what keeps us all in the blogging game. Right?

Take care.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Internet FinD!

9:22 PM  
Blogger Donnie said...

Muscle Beast is a great guy with a great's on my blogroll. He's a great person to chat with who is making great improvements in his physique. I give him "two thumbs up". :)

11:30 PM  

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