Tuesday, June 14

father's day week . day three

this agusyite blog entry is dedicated to guys 18 years of age and up. this is your introduction to the d.i.l.f., based on my own experiences and web education.

the definition for this term is: dad i'd like to f!ck. who really knows how this name came to be but one easily suspects the creation came from the term, m.i.l.f.'s. as always, ladies do come first, so when the mother's got their new tag name from straight horny teens, it only made sense that gay horny teens came up with d.i.l.f's.

i would love that we queer guys take hold of this title and keep it ours. why you ask, well just for the f!ck of it! last thing i need is a horde of straight girls walking around the mall wearing our tshirts. d.i.l.f belongs to us. listen up ladies, when your best friend or boy friend is cheating on you with your mother or some m.i.l.f. down the street, you stay away from the dads. even the straight ones are ours! you ladies get to cheat on your cheating boyfriends with his best friend you've always wanted.

in the straight world, daddy means father. in our world, daddy also means father but also has a definition far more complex. a gay daddy is an older gay man who often seeks younger men. someone who is dominating or aggressive with experience. some care for you, shower you with gifts, ask you to live with them under their roof. the relationship created with a daddy has unlimited possiblities, just do what your daddy tells you do and you'll always get a reward.

the untouchable d.i.l.f.
now let's say you are an 18 year old guy who just became legal and you've been lusting after your gym teacher who also happens to be your math teacher. he wears a wedding ring and mentions his wife every now and then. he is not a d.i.l.f.

now if this man suddenly announces his wife is pregnant with his first child, then ding f!cking ding boys, he's officially a d.i.l.f. now these types of dads are easy to find but understand that just because your young pecker gets erect when near him that his may not get erect when near you. this d.i.l.f. becomes a fantasy. he's untouchable. and both of your lives could become very problematic if the d.i.l.f. does show interest in you while married with children in the home.

breaking up a marriage is not what you're suppose to do. for those with rare incidents of d.i.l.f. love, you should learn to f!ck or get f!cked by the man but verbally tell him that your life is worth something more than an afternoon f!ck. you tell him that he needs to leave his marriage if he continues to seek your bum. if i'm just talking out of my ass then please point me in the right direction where i can meet a teen and d.i.l.f. both happy and enjoying life under lies and discreetion... you really need to learn to f!ck him once and move on. if you do get that chance to sleep with him, you should get the fantasy out of your head and get it over with. only tainted love exists when the man is married. you should know this.

moving on from the d.i.l.f.
now this is where you, the gay legal teen, learn to go after older men. to sleep with. to love. to f!ck. to jerk off with. etc. once you get that older man your fantasy of the d.i.l.f. becomes a reality. roleplay with him... that is if he's game. most are. there's a great article over at gay dot com all about daddy/boy relationships.

do remember, not all older men are into guys like you. some do want men in their own age range. there are even some fourty something men who want older men, not you.

now the types of older men you have to look out for are the ones seeking younger guys under the age of 18. he's not a d.i.l.f., he's michael jackson. and we all know being michael is just bad.

my only personal advice for those who have found an older man to be with is to do what he says only if it makes you happy. it's not about making him happy. it's about making you both happy.

d.i.l.f. roleplay
now of course you don't have to be in a relationship with a gay daddy if you don't want to be. there's always the act of roleplay. a one time f!ck. you could cyber sex with an older guy online. you can act out verbal sex with an older daddy on the phone. you are allowed to roleplay with older men.

word of caution though. if this older man wants you to roleplay under the age of 18, be fully aware this a problem. you don't want to encourage an older man that roleplaying with a younger boy under 18 is appropiate behaviour. you are encouraging the man that lusting for younger guys under the age of 18 is acceptable. don't let this happen. be an adult about it and tell him roleplaying younger than 18 is not what you do. if he says he doesn't want you because of this, please move on.

once you've found the right gay daddy to roleplay with, then you're going to have tons of d.i.l.f. related fun.

that's it for this third entry in my father's day week series. comment away if you like.


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