Saturday, June 25

for those of interest . chaise mooty

since the learn2lust model above loves to pose for abercrombie clothing i thought i'd mention my own discovery reading thursday's edition of the dallas morning news. last year they held a model contest, F!D Model Search 2004, where we, the dallas public, helped choose the winners. we ended up choosing pretty boy chaise mooty as the male winner. i thought, wow another model search. who cares. i didn't even vote. i actually wanted another guy to win.

well when abercrombie + fitche debuted their new summer campaign online, i noticed the cover model looked maybe somewhat familiar but i didn't care enough to actually look around and investigate.

as i read the paper this past thursday morning, they were announcing the contest is back for 2005 and they were updating what the winners had done since they won last year. it turns out chaise mooty is the recent abercrombie + fitch cover model for their website! my queer [very easy to amuse] jaw dropped!

this kid is only 17 years of age and men across the globe are thinking dirty, naughty thoughts about him. well it's his own fault that some higher being created him so pure + beautiful. in the update article we find out that his favorite day- wait. let's get the fag hags over and act like we're reading teen beat.

chaise says his favorite time of the day is around 5 in the morning when the sun is rising. he has kings of convenience + the killers on his ipod. he can't miss a single episode of the real world, a show he seriously needs to apply for. his celebrity dream date is natalie portman. ew, gross. it should be mr. tom cruise! chaise actually reads, his last book was the great gatsby [i'm thinking maybe he read this one for school!].

his favorite website is xanga dot com because he likes to read his friend's online journals. his ringtone on his cell is the star wars theme. he wears gap's low boot-cut jeans. he'd like to go to TCU for college and transfer later to a college in new york or l.a. and chaise reads the same mag as i do, Arena, a uk men's fashion magazine! [i quickly grab my fag hag's hand and we both scream into each other's face of innoncent excitement] his next gig is to go to new york for a Wallpaper magazine photo shoot.

he also describes his abercrombie photo shoot as "a big, weeklong party at an all-paid resort." bitch.

a sassy girl over at sarah's blog wrote one may day, "There's a fifteen-foot-high sign on market street showing a shirtless youth with the caption, "Chaise Mooty -- A&F's New Face." As I walk by I only come up to Chaise's chest, and I keep wanting to recaption it 'A&F's New Nipple.'"

for those queer curious on the F!D contest, applicants need not to live in north texas but must be available for photo shoots in the dallas area. deadline for the 2005 contest is aug. 15th with finalists announced aug. 25th. now for those wanting to view model candy in the dallas area, you'll need to go to the galleria mall on aug. 6th for a fashion show combined with the contest search. i hope i have nothing planned that day...

i heart chaise. for more information on this newbie god in the making, check out another article all about this fashion hunk over at images magazine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dunno dude, i just don't see it. he's decent looking but there's nothing sexy about this guy. nothing that makes me care what's on his ipod. maybe it's the eyes. they're kind of vapid.

3:14 PM  
Blogger aguysite said...

ahh but that is why this entry is for "those of interest". i take it you are not of interest of this particular model. i'd like to think a few others are interested in chaise... anyone? anyone?

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry guys, i think he's straight

3:43 PM  
Anonymous haley said...

he is straight.. he lives in my hometown..

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Jessie said...

Chaise is a sweetheart! A totally cool guy who just happens to have a gorgeous body! Chaise is as straight as they come. I dated him.

9:41 PM  

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