Tuesday, June 7

for those of interest . maximum pills

i was going to report on volume pills dot com when i came across some things that needed an investi-gay-tion. the site claimed that i would find straight amateur star, BrunoB, promoting his customers to take the pill on his very filthy, filthy straight website. volume pills also says that daddy hunk pornstar, peter north [aka matt ramsey when he did gay porn] uses the product. i thought.. all right. let me know check peter's filthy, filthy straight website to see if he's at least promoting the product.

you see where i'm getting at with this. you must research website claims and future investigate before buying a product you wish you hadn't. back to my web research.

so i went to the website of peter north where, yet again, i did not find any endorsement for volume pills dot com. i did find a new endorsement for another type of pill, maximum pills!

here we find BrunoB + peter north celebrating the pill. peter is quoted in saying "I've taken a lot of different products throughout the years, and I have to say I don't usualy recommend to many things, but maximum pills is something I take on a regular basis." BrunoB claims now that he takes "maximum pills before every scene to boost my perfomances, especially my ejaculation." i guess we are all allowed to change brands every now and then.

the official website for maximum pills now claims that their pill is the #1 forumla used in the adult industry. the site also claims you do not need a prescription to get this bottle. but i do suggest you let your doctor know about this product before you make your own purchase. are there side effects? let's check out the website to find out.

well, the site claims there are no side effects. they also make it known in their FAQ section that "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration." for those wanting to purchase now will get a 90 day return money back guarantee. the site also lets customers know that the pill will not increase the size of their penis, just make it harder. go ahead + check the how it works section.

now a one month supply of 65 pills will cost you about 65 bucks. for those bisexual guys ordering this product, when you order 3 or more bottles, you get access to some filthy, filthy straight website. yuck.

should gay men take this product? do men or women even care about larger ejactulations? that is the question we should be asking everyone instead of "does size matter". i personally like a volcanic size cum eruption every now and then. i don't want it everyday. it's just less mess to clean up afterwards.

no one has paid me or come after to promote this product. i did this on my own to educate those of interest. i didn't even know these type of pills existed. well, now you and i both are very aware of this product. go ahead and ask your boyfriend, f!ck buddy or husband if the amount of ejaculation matters... you might be shocked at their answer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maximum Pills is just one BIG fake out there who collect peoples money but only give fancy coloured pills in return.Nothing else.


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