Saturday, June 4

hard sell . antonio

corbin fisher has just introduced antonio, today's "hard sell". i will attempt to sell antonio + corbin fisher to you through my words + cf images. i am a paying member of corbin fisher so know what i'm talking about. but if you're not then please select antonio to view the grand alumni of corbin fisher's amateur college men. you'd think corbin would get these boys together for a yearly big class photo.

antonio is 23 years of age, 190 pounds of muscle + packs 8 solid inches of meat. mr. fisher first met this "hard sell" on a recent trip to nyc. somehow *cough*money*cough* mr. fisher gets antonio to strip on camera + bust a load of his male seed. and that's it.

most jerk off videos are just that. we start off with a mini interview to establish the individual is either straight or gay. then the webmaster gets the performer to undress + pose. front and back. and then he is told to begin.

maybe something is playing off camera or there's a booby magazine nearby, but that's the simple start + finish of your average jerk off video.

now comes the "hard sell". joining corbin fisher to view this video of antonio is gonna cost you a few bucks. about 20 plus bucks. expensive you say? no it isn't actually.

most of us waste 20 bucks on fast food or some stupid mall purchase. money wasted. something sits on a desk or stays in a drawer and just becomes a thing in the corner, maybe later sold at a garage sale. 20 bucks wasted.

but now, instead of wasting 20 bucks, you finally try + join a jerk off website. here's how i decided to join corbin fisher almost a year back. i was at a movie theatre paying for drinks + food for me and my friend and i looked at the money i was about to hand the cashier, about 16 bucks, and i thought... i could use this for corbin fisher instead of putting carbs or fat into my muscled body.

i still payed the movie cashier but when i got home, i said, f!ck it. i visited corbin fisher's website, signed up, and started jerking.

i, like most of you, are over the whole closing my eyes bullsh!t and picturing some fantasy. i need something visual in front of me to get pumping. masturbation is natural. using jerk off videos is just the next step up from erotic stories or erotic photos.

spend 20 plus bucks for corbin fisher and get about 177 videos. you have alot of content to get through in one month. and i believe antonio is your ticket in. he's the type of guy i look for when i'm in public. rough face, killer straight smile. you can see his muscle through his clothing. his hair you could mess up in bed and he would still look cute afterwards. he's so my f!ckin type.

now we're promised by corbin fisher that we'll be seeing more of antonio. this usually means he'll be pumping a fresh load of seed in some ga.. ga.. girl! or he'll experiment with another corbin fisher college man. i'm hoping dirk, a corbin fisher college man i'm in porn love with.

mr. fisher updates twice a week. no other website similar to his does this. most usually adds a new video every friday but with corbin, you get two videos a week. go ahead + click any picture within this post to go directly to corbin fisher. choose option 2 and experience antonio.

i would advise that your first video you watch should be "straight stud love" with dirk + lucas. the reason being that both dirk + lucas have eached f!cked a girl on corbin fisher showing the web audience that they're "straight". and then later they f!ck each other. well done corbin, well f!cking done.

remember straight but curious guys, when you're out with your girl and you're about to pay for stupid mall crap, hold that twenty bucks in your hand and say... "i could use this to jerk off to guys online!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just recently forked over the cash to join Corbin Fisher. It's taken my focus away from Sean Cody! There's something about Dirk telling Lucas to "lick my ass baby" that just drives me nuts. Watching them go from their solo videos (saying how they are sooooo straight) to watching them get their first f!ck is amazing. Where are all these straight boys at??? Obviously Corbin has no problem finding them! SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SITE. IT IS WORTH IT. These straight boys are no joke.

3:33 AM  
Anonymous dave said...

I agree with th former comment.....Corbin's site is worth paying for even though one can have his doubts concerning the being straight of his actors. They are all sooo straight, at least that's what they 're trying to convince ya' ass, I don't believe one single attempt of that. Gay for pay can't make a guy that eager to do what they're all doing to e.o.
But as said, this site is hot as are the guys and that's waht really matters, right?

6:12 AM  
Anonymous chriscordy said...

Gabe from Corbin Fisher is definitely straight ( The guy is a stud and hung to boot!

1:07 AM  

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