Friday, June 3

magmozine . am i normal?

in the june issue of Men's Health magmozine, on page 82, a man asks a doctor of psychiatry + brain-imaging specialist-ry a question.

Am I Normal? I accidently called my wife my boss's name. He's a guy. Is that normal? [asks rick from vermont]

No. [says the doctor] It sounds as though you have some issues with your wife and her place of authority in your life. When we mix people up with parents or bosses, we're often revealing something about a relationship- maybe it's concern about pleasing her or irritation that she's bossing you around.

Figure out what issues are dancing around in your subconscious and clean them out. Try jotting down the context every time you slip up; then look for a pattern in your entries. [ends the doctor]

[and now this blogmaster steps in and asks rick from vermont] Exactly where did you call out his name, in what area of the house? Is your boss considered good looking? Well built? Does he have an ass that pushes through his slacks? Rick, Where do you think I'm getting at with these four questions?

this is where you, the aguysite blog readers, come in. answer [if you like] in the comment area below about how you think rick will answer the questions.

and for those seeking queer content, fashion model rusty joiner was in the magmozine in an ad for an energy bar, detour. "all day long, all whey strong".


Blogger just a man in love said...

nice icandy

11:21 AM  
Blogger jayandkay said...

After a hard day's work, Rick undresses when he gets home and hit the shower straight. As the water starts pouring down on him and his silhouette blurs over the glass panel, his wife decides to join him.

She enters the room, which is already smog up by then from the heat and begins to caress Rick's chest. Feeling excited, Rick calls out to her:

'Sean, come closer and kiss me'.

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa man, I'm not fucking GAY for writing this but hot fucking retro legs on that woman!


3:48 AM  

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