Friday, June 24

magmozine . a bear's life

this is the first i've seen of this new publication. any of my readers fall under this proud category of the bear? well if you do, i have some rather furrable news for you. a new magazine is about to hit the queer newsstands. it's called a bear's life. the creators of a bear's life claim that this new creation is the first of its kind to celebrate the masculine lifestyle.

yes, we've seen many online websites who celebrate the oh so sexy + very masculine lifestyle of the bear but none have stepped forward to create a magazine who's audience is quite massive and really large.

awhile back genex created a mock online magazine that never evolved after a few playful cover photos. his faux magazine was called "teen bear". his last issue featured cover model "bucko" in the summer issue. when "teen bear" first appeared, many loved to rip apart the idea of an actual teen bear but genex continued creating new cover issues of his intriguing creation. he even went as far as to create a line of "teen bear" tees but shelved the project for various reasons. it would have been a grand idea to create a few tees at a shirt shop and auction them off on ebay with the help of the blogging community. proceeds going to maybe hiring a bear escort well, that's what i would have done if it was my idea... but "teen bear" belongs to genex.

back to a bear's life. now that the actual publication has been announced, i'm very curious to find a copy. after a quick visit to the official site i discover that the first issue has a street date of august 1st 2005. now for anyone interested in advertising inside a bear's life, you can contact for futher information but the deadline for the premiere issue is july 20th!

the creators, for those interested, are bear brothers enterprises ltd. i could not find an official website for this company but i was able to find musclebear dot com advertising the magazine.

in a bear's life demographics & reader habits pdf document, we find that the target audience includes a median age of 37 years, someone who flies on an average of six times a year, goes out to a bar and/or club 2-5 days a week, eats out 2-7 times a week, belongs to a gym and someone who spent about $800 dollars online in the last 6 months. i guess i don't exactly fall in their demographics but i am interested in the magazine nonetheless. very eager to get my own copy.

as of today, the website does not offer any means of getting a subscription. i guess we should bookmark the site and check back in august...


Anonymous Robb said...

You're gonna love it - subscriptions are now available!

7:43 PM  
Blogger Big Joe said...

There is buzz from Key West to San Francisco about this magazine. I had to buy a subscription on line to check it out. They were chatting about it in the bear 4 bear rooms last night. Thank god a magazine for us with no porn! I hear it will only be sold on line for the first few issues..Joe, Miami Fl

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It reads like a desperate cry for validation and preaches to the choir — a very small choir in terms of advertising potential (which is at the heart of magazine publishing).

Note to A Bear's Life: If you're going to press with a glossy, full color magazine, get a copy editor, for christsakes!

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A small niche market, and the guys on the cover could have tried to look better, instead of cheap clothes and trying to look mildy interested in the photo being taken.
I dont know anyone who will actually pay for this, as it's all available for free elsewhere on the web.

1:03 PM  

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