Wednesday, June 8

pintura . ross watson

am i the last person to find out about the artist, ross watson? his work has been featured or praised by elton john, instinct magazine, reFresh magazine, DNA magazine, blue magazine, the National Gallery of Australia, Sotheby's New York, the list goes on + on. his work can only by described by an average joe such as myself as a mix of old world pintura + the modern male.

his last collection of work featured aussie footballer, paul licuria, who is quoted in saying "The passion and dedication I see in Ross' paintings of me, I put into playing football." other pieces from his collection have included openly gay ex rugy player Ian Roberts + Brody Holland [featured in the aussie calendars, men for all seasons].

lub lounge is raving about getting the chance to feature one of his works entitled "Untitled #5". back august 2004, ross visited the establisment and you can see a photo gallery of what went down that night featuring dj daragh.

you might as well go on and visit his official website by clicking any of the pintura's featured within this post. i'm such a fan of paul licuria now. you know i mean i'm a fan of his body, not his work on the field. i just don't have any idea how to watch him play.


Anonymous Chris Glass said...

I'm totally taken by the image with the cell phone. Not for the guy so much, though he _is_ fine, but by the concept and execution.


(Welcome) news to me... you're not the last one to know about this artist.

10:00 AM  
Blogger RED said...

I'm gonna have to be more careful. I wasn't expecting the full-fledged hard dick shot a few posts ago, not to mention the porn on the side there. I'm at a gov't terminal. Too bad, cuz you give some good eyecandy buddy. I look forward to it everday.

1:29 PM  
Blogger aguysite said...

well let me thank you for taking the time to comment. always appericated.

as for the porn and dick shot. i let that slip by. oops. i usually censor images or write text over their naughty bits.

everyone keeps labeling my site triple x but i'm so f!ckin far from a triple x site. i'm just material meant for guys 18 years of age and up.

as for the porn on the side, i love the adult industry. i see nothing wrong with the industry. i will continue to support them in any way i can.

i think america needs to get past erect peckers and exposed breasts. we need to make the nudity image an every day thing.

suddenly a porn flick entitled "lick a dick candy" could be the cbs tv movie of the week. how wonderful the world would be... question mark.

i'm sorry i can't be viewed on your gov't terminal. you'll have to spank me for being bad. just wear a suit when you smack my bubble butt ass.

again, thank you fox. you're such a fox by the way.

3:48 PM  

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