Sunday, July 31

sunday . to all bible protesters

if bible humpers want to preach and judge with signs, maybe they should learn from this sign. don't hate homo's but it's understandable if you hate the sin. but then again, the bible does says...

Lev 19:17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke [tell somebody off: to criticize or reprimand somebody, usually sharply] thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him [so you will not share in his guilt].

any bible loving humper holding a sign with no understanding about what that sign truly represents should burn in hell along with the rest of us, as your signs so eloquently states "burn in hell."

and for those who use the word "god" in their signs, let's look at the king james version of the ten commandments: Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

and now the New International Version: You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

and finally the New Living Translation: Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God. The Lord will not let you go unpunished if you misuse his name.

no where in the bible does it simple state word for word, "god hates fags". bible readers want to misuse the words and interpret the bible into their own selfish use. i don't hate bible humpers. i just can't understand why they misuse words for their own agenda.

Saturday, July 30

cinematic . mr. brando 2

Friday, July 29

cinematic . mr. brando

Thursday, July 28

pintura . disconsolateness

Wednesday, July 27

foto . bj on the beach

Tuesday, July 26

for those of interest . 96 days 'til Oct 31st

Monday, July 25 . i'm a big brother 6 addict

i stand up somewhat proudly and admit that i'm a big brother addict. i haven't posted for a few days because i'm obessed with the show! i've been writing about it on my other blog,, yet no one seems interested and doesn't respond with their own comments. yet when i post a slavco image, i get 6 filthy queer comments about some guy who starred as an asshole on vh1's kept.

go figure. well for those willing to forgive me, i will return to posting later today but until then, here's 3 videos featuring howie + beau's almost kiss in the backyard. howie is the foul mouthed "straight" guy who gives beau, the queer of the house, a very bisexual vibe. judge for yourself and comment here or over at the camera work is very wal-martish so please forgive me.

just click + press play

just click + press play

just click + press play

[don't directly link the videos blogmasters, link this post and give me credit for my hard work at 3 in the morning as i continue this big brother addiction! that's all i ask.]

Sunday, July 24

sunday . coolest. bible. ever.

Saturday, July 23

blogmaster . talent week + polls

if not, then correct me in the comments section below

talent week began on july 17th and ended today. each day of this special week, aguysite blog featured an individual of talent. i wasn't sure if anyone had enjoyed the selected talents due to just a few comments left behind in certain posts.

now for those who were featured or chosen for the talent week, i just want to say these selections were chosen for various + quite diverse reasons. since i began this blog about a year ago, i have yet to get a negative response or email for highlighting someone's online work. i love to promote and create web growth for those willing to embrace my interest.

i personally had a hella fun week with this theme and i plan on having another themed week in august. any ideas? then please comment below.

next up to discuss is my recent poll, "how often do you visit aguysite blog?" had only 145 votes since it debuted a few days ago. not as popular as my last 2 polls but i do check it everyday for comments + votes cast. starting august 1st, i'll debut a new poll every 1st day of each month. a big thanks to Maria La'O for writing this in my poll comments...

"I visit your blog once every day, except while I am travelling. It makes life easier here in the Middle East. Besides, we know that there is life outside Arabia and beautiful men too!"

maria, those are powerful words that helps keep this blogmaster's daily interest maintaining this aguysite blog. a thank you to matthew as well for wanting to visit my blog "obsessively every hour"!

the talent . francesca gagnon

Friday, July 22

protagonist . biohazard 5

i will forever be a closeted video game geek. these are the first shots from the possible lead character to playstation 3's resident evil 5 due out sometime in the future. isn't he just polygon-rific? isn't he just so f!cking handsome that you could get erect playing this game? yes + oh yesss! for those seeking the official online teaser head on over to

the talent . ebith

not much can be said about ebith because i can not read the language posted on his website. from his work, we can see his interest in the body that is categorized by the gay community as bears. in new work posted in 2005 we begin to see ebith's other interests that include bondage, rubber suits + tattoos. what's next for ebith? i'm not sure. but i do have this to say. 愛を持って来るようにあなたの仕事は必要性のそれらに

Thursday, July 21

hard sell . cody's straight!

in another edition of "hard sell" comes a recent revelation that has injured my heart. let the rainbow heavens weep because cody from corbin fisher is 100% straight... my porn crush has shattered but can be repaired if you read the last sentence in this post. but don't worry, cody is getting paid to do very queer things on corbin fisher including a recent, very hardcore straight f!ckfest featuring only guys and no women! but back to the story at hand.

i've had a porn crush on cody since he debuted on corbin fisher and i've seen this quite shy + timid performer do as he's told on the site but i have never really saw him embrace homosexual acts like other performers have. his craft is a mix of eagerness + awkardness. it's very easy to see that cody is new + a virgin to male entertainment. but when mr. fisher adds bianca, the corbin fisher girl who is supposely the "girlfriend" of some guy on the site, then cody's epic life as an exclusive queer porn star has turned into a bi porn star.

as a paying member of corbin fisher i usually pass up the girl on guy videos. [don't worry soon to be members, out of 190+ videos on the site, only about 5 featuring some yucky girl.] now since i have a porn crush on cody... and the straight perv inside of me has gotten curious, i actually want to see cody become flustered and become incredibly sexual with bianca. i want to see straight intercourse!

i want to see for the first time how a straight guy does a girl on a porn website. i guess it's the perv inside me that wants to see cody actually get horny without the thought of money on the line. in one shot, you see his tented undies and in another you see cody's mouth on the girl's flower. gross!!! yet i still want to see it.

cody looks like a man in this new title from corbin fisher rather than the quiet new guy on the block. attention mr. fisher. now that we've gotten through another one of your girly straight yucky but arousing videos, let's finally see cody get penetrated. i thinking... maybe gabe should do it. gabe seems qualified for this job and i think the outcome will be quite profitable for everyone. just do him already!

identify this pulchritudinous

the talent . citying

now just because a male individual of talent is featured on aguysite blog doesn't mean those selected are all entirely homosexual. with that said, today's selection is about brillance created through a Nikon D70. the creator or photographer is only known as citying and features a visual walkthrough for those intriqued with new york city's soul + spirited personality.

since i know a good amount of you may have been to the big apple or may possibly live in the city that never sleeps, any human being [whether categorized as gay or straight] can appericate this individual's work.

with images dating back to march of 2004, citying's photographer looks for the characteristics of a city that most may just pass over for national monuments or idolized structures. he captures sights that intrique the mind to that next level of apperication. this is a series of photos featuring new york city [among other cities] in a visual delicacy for your intellect.

Wednesday, July 20

the epic return of the boyhood crush

chris evans

the talent . karim aum & tauá

Tuesday, July 19

hard sell . michael & kory

come everyday!

the talent . rex werk

what's to say. rex werk is beyond erotic. he's taboo. boderline fetish. and not for those faint of heart. his official website does not feature an artist biography so any information obtained is from fans of his work.

jack fritscher has titled rex as the "t. s. eliot of graphic sex". who's mr. eliot you ask? time magazine details t.s. eliot to be one of the top 20 artists slash entertainers of the 20th century. that's quite a consequential comparison!

mr. fritscher goes on to write an article about rex werk where we learn that rexwerk has been in creation since the late sixties. it's best not to rework a writer's words so here is an excerpt from The Artist, the Work, the Gallery

"I would identify his forbidding and verboten themes, his exquisite technique, and his content which appeals as much as his form. There are literally a million reproductions of hundreds of his drawings. Rex is a Rorschach. In his drawings, trap doors open and we viewers recognize the vertigo of our own falling, fallen, complicated nature. Rex expresses the psyche of leather culture far deeper than Arnett, the Hun, Domino, Etienne, Martin of Holland, and Tom of Finland. Those artists are each singular and great and safely gay. But Rex is distinguished, because he goes beyond gay and dares draw images of marginal and perverse sexual urges we may not ever want to admit to, but that we often cum to."

should we agree with the last statement? it's best you and i never say another word about the perverse subjects that may give you + i one hellish yet healthy erection. i dare not write down a word that details one such subject featured throughout rex's work but i will leave your erring imagination get the best of you to venture to his web domain. here you will get a further sample of his selections and then decide how you may purchase his work based entirely on your own unspoken personal reasons.

for those of interest, we get a sense of what rex may prefer online based on links found on his official website. rex favors stomper boots, which titles itself " the best damn boot shop in the world." such fans of rexwerk can purchase a video gallery entitled beyond innonence.

Monday, July 18

the gentleman or the guy?

there's also a new poll to take part in. just look to your right, towards the top.

today i present the third edition in a series of posts entitled the gentlemen or the guy. for those enjoying this post for the first time, a gentleman [40 years of age + older] or a guy [18 years of age + up] are the selections from which you can choose from.

in the first 2 editions, i asked my readers which of the 2 would they enjoy a sexual encounter with. most choose the gentlemen based on their experience in the bedroom. but today's post is quite different.

now comes the question of which 6pack would you choose to taste + touch. get hard while you think hard about which set of abs makes your tounge salivate and which set has your fingers twitching. for those curious about this blogmaster's selection, read my comment and then post your thoughts or choice.

remember, you're not thinking or choosing about sexual encounters with the bodies displayed within this post, you are asked to make a choice between the two 6packs. which will you choose for a very queer ab taste + touch session, the 50 year old 6pack or the 20 year old 6pack?

the talent . bazlondon

the next individual of talent is george dewhirst, a freelance photographer who's main passion is the allure of the black + white format. his choice of photographs are selected based on the ideal that is "for images of who and what your about".

he now offers his services to photograph you within his home or back garden. based in kennington se17 [united kingdom], george's photo sessions last approximately 2 hours and downloads the raw images to a disc at the end for you to take home. but before you leave the session, you then select 10 photos of yourself to be turned into high quality images sent to you at a later date.

you may find some of his work featured on personals and bigmuscle dot com. if you seek more information about this individual of talent, check out his gaydar profile, bazlondon. here we find out that he's on his way to malaga, spain until august 2nd, a top in the bedroom, always practices safe sex and is of the australian breed.

his official website is known as pickies dot com but his more male slash queer work is under a hidden web address bazmain dot htm.

one of his recent clients, dj pier morrocco, can be seen on his dj page over at heaven london, the club self dubbed "the most famous gay nightclub in the world". i've never heard of it until today.

now that you have a visual idea of mr. dewhirst's work and if you are the area of spain before august 2nd or in the united kingdom after august 2nd and you would like to seek the employment of george dewhirst, then visit his 2 websites and enjoy his services. + bazlondon.

Sunday, July 17

sunday . an angel's thoughts

what is this angel thinking? post if you like, i'll start.

the talent . steven shadwell

this is steven shadwell. and this is his work. his website which showcases his work + personal photos does not currently host a biography section. we learn to educate ourselves about steven through his selected images. we know he is involved with a man by the name of allan and that steven has a photographic fascination with colin farrell as well as an robbie williams artistic inspiration. steven has also either hosted or been to a "bear-b-que". i would love to go to that que for some grade A beef. steven also has an online collection of bush parody photos which includes a great photo that states: bush + dick = f!cked. i have to say that this is the first i've heard of this f!cktastic saying.

if we are to self title steven's fetish interests, then his would include bears, hairy men, tattoos, piercings, armpits and leather. i have the same interests except for 2 on this list. can you guess which one's i'm interested in? or can i guess how many of you actually care about what i'm into?

most of mr. shadwell's desenho's dates back to 1985 with newest selections posted on july 6th of this year. i'm not the art critic here so the best i can do is to feature a few selected images based on my own personal taste and let your curiosity get the best of you. if you are enjoying the work of steven shadwell, please visit his official artist website.

Saturday, July 16

foto . the swedish life

when experiencing the night life of dallas tx tonight, i finally met a real life swedish model! of course i wouldn't dare take a photo of him but his swedish male scent was utsökt + utomordentlig. much love to all men born from swedish male seed!

Friday, July 15

"the talent" week . july 17th - 23rd

as promised, today i announce the next themed week for's blog... talent week. as many fans of aguysite blog know, any post featuring the title, "the talent", features creative + artistic elements of the male body shown through paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, modeling, singing, etc.

my first themed week was centered around the triple x company, jake cruise. it was a great success as many visitors pushed through my posts into his website. i'm all about promoting + sending my visitors into quality gems of the net. i figured some of my blog audience would rather not see another week long porn review. but don't worry queer triple x fans, i'll devote another week to another company in the coming months.

again, each post for this themed week will follow all regular daily posts. basically you'll get 2 posts a day from july 17th - 23rd. the images featured within this post are from those with male talent... but not pre-selected websites, individuals and/or images already chosen for "the talent" week which begin this saturday the 17th.

now before i end this post, let me address a comment left in my blog regarding this post, the talent . finbarr massi. some may laugh at me but f!ck it, i have to address this. recently mr. massi somehow came across the entry and wrote this down... "Creepy, Thanks for the props! -Finbarr". okay. what the f!ck. if i write about someone with talent, it's not suppose to come off as "creepy". where did i go wrong? i was floored reading this. shocked!

now during this themed week, i'm going to be writing about a good number of men with talent. just because i write about someone, research their product on the net, and then rave about them doesn't mean i'm somehow obsessed with them. for some f!ckin' reason my finbarr review came off as "creepy yet... cool" to mr. massi. do people with talent not want to read about themselves and their accomplishments? yes, i know he wrote "thanks for the props!" i'm just trying to get this across to those who have been featured or may be featured on my site. i'm just a fan, i write a blog + i help get your talent out there. [even if you didn't ask for me to do it in the first place.]

and lastly, for those finding your website, image or personal story on my blog, please, i not trying to creep out you or anyone out. i'm just helping spread your good talents to my readers and showing my readers that they themselves can maybe become inspired by your work, your products, your self accomplishments and then become a talented and successful individual such as yourself. everyone got that? good. comment away if you have a website or individual you'd like for me and other blogs to review. we all love fresh new queer finds + content to write about.

Thursday, July 14

learn 2 lust . the tattoo

Wednesday, July 13

jonny & ronny . a 44 year romance

love between 2 men can last for a lifetime. in a post left in gay art forum, the story of jonny & ronny is told. here we find out how the once 39 year old gentleman met the then 17 year old teenager.

ronny tells his story. instead of re-telling his story, i would display his words. a story is best told through by the person who experienced the tale.

"Our eyes crossed first in the Rina Garden Cinema, in the late 40s of the 20th Century. That is, we met before the establishment of State of Israel.. The next day, I was cruising for sex along the Tel Aviv beach-front. And we saw each other again. At that point, we decided to walk to Jaffa. There we got biblical. In other words we had sex.

From those pleasurable times, we did not separate for 44 years until the death of my Jonny.

I, Ron Tal, was barely 17 when I started my relationship with Jonny, then 39 years old. That is, he was 22 years my senior!

He was born in Jerusalem in 1931 In his late youth, he moved to Tel Aviv. Until this day, he still lives there.

He was the staunch animal lover. He worked for the Zoological Institute in Tel Aviv, the Zoological Garden in Haifa, and later, he opened a pet shop in Tel Aviv.

Today, he works as a masseuse specializing in Reikki.

In the last 6 years, he volunteered for the Aguda for GLBT and the Bella Doeget (the A.I.D.S. organization for Israel).

Born in 1909, he was a journalist who covered Eithopian issues in that country and served for the British mandate also in that country. In the Second World War, he was a liutenant in the British Army. And during the war he served throughout Africa and far East Asia. After the establishment of the State of Israel, he volunteered with the Army 1948.

He was the head of millitary prisons. After that he came to manage non-millitary prisons. Later, he became a security agent with El Al Israel Airlines. His last job before his retirement, he was the head of the trasportation department with the Jewish Agency.

The House of Jonny and Ronny
In the early 50s until the early 80s, the house of Jonny and Ronny was open to friends to socialize, gather, eat meals, dancing, parties, etc. During this time, there were no gay clubs in Israel.

Jonny had a jeep. And in that vehicle, they hit pavement and travelled all throughout Israel. During this period, not many Israelis had vehicles.

Every opportunity to go abroad, Ronny and Jonny took advantage. They went to Greece, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Italy, France, Belgium, and others.

"The big love of my life was Jonny. However, we had extra-relationship affairs. But, we did not talk about the various sexual conquests that each of had outside of our relationship," said Ronny.

"In his late years, Jonny was dehibliating and was very sick. At that time the relationship was based on emotional support and I took care of him.

"In the end of my life, I had a full life and i felt good like a 17 year old. I went out to parties and worked. My secret of success was to keep optimistic and full of humor."

He is antithesis of what we think about lonely, older gay men. He is however, full of vitality, still has beauty on the inside. He keeps busy and is a frequent mentor of many in the Gay Israeli community. He still enjoys a full social and sexual life.

When you look at their photo, of Ronny and Jonny, one can see the unconventialness of their relationship. That is, they were openly photographed as a Gay couple, which was unheard of in the early years of Israel's existance.

Jonny was a very talented amateur photographer that succeeded to apture special life in his photos which served as a kind of documentary on their relationship.

Tuesday, July 12

desenho . the vintage four

Monday, July 11

blogmaster . back 2 work

well, i'm back. i'm fully gaycharged and ready to take on everything queer the net has to offer. i want to thank those who took the time to comment and shared words of encouragement. for those just waiting for new content, well, i've gone ahead and filled all my empty daily slots so now it doesn't even look like i took a break. is now up and running with its first bi-monthly edition. the site is filled with some new links + music selections but it isn't updated fully yet. i'll get to updating it more later this week. the only website i have yet to update is i'll get to that site later today.

in other blog news, i hope to have 3 brand new gentlemen interviews to debut this month. also, remember to return back july 15th to find out what my next weekly blog theme will be. a majority of you should be able to enjoy this new theme, i can't please everyone. if you have a suggestion for a weekly theme then comment away!

and remember, proceed at your own risk's ass crack winner is announced today! and thank you patrick for your write up about me taking a break and i'll never tell anyone what i did to rehablitate myself...