Monday, July 11

blogmaster . back 2 work

well, i'm back. i'm fully gaycharged and ready to take on everything queer the net has to offer. i want to thank those who took the time to comment and shared words of encouragement. for those just waiting for new content, well, i've gone ahead and filled all my empty daily slots so now it doesn't even look like i took a break. is now up and running with its first bi-monthly edition. the site is filled with some new links + music selections but it isn't updated fully yet. i'll get to updating it more later this week. the only website i have yet to update is i'll get to that site later today.

in other blog news, i hope to have 3 brand new gentlemen interviews to debut this month. also, remember to return back july 15th to find out what my next weekly blog theme will be. a majority of you should be able to enjoy this new theme, i can't please everyone. if you have a suggestion for a weekly theme then comment away!

and remember, proceed at your own risk's ass crack winner is announced today! and thank you patrick for your write up about me taking a break and i'll never tell anyone what i did to rehablitate myself...


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