Saturday, July 23

blogmaster . talent week + polls

if not, then correct me in the comments section below

talent week began on july 17th and ended today. each day of this special week, aguysite blog featured an individual of talent. i wasn't sure if anyone had enjoyed the selected talents due to just a few comments left behind in certain posts.

now for those who were featured or chosen for the talent week, i just want to say these selections were chosen for various + quite diverse reasons. since i began this blog about a year ago, i have yet to get a negative response or email for highlighting someone's online work. i love to promote and create web growth for those willing to embrace my interest.

i personally had a hella fun week with this theme and i plan on having another themed week in august. any ideas? then please comment below.

next up to discuss is my recent poll, "how often do you visit aguysite blog?" had only 145 votes since it debuted a few days ago. not as popular as my last 2 polls but i do check it everyday for comments + votes cast. starting august 1st, i'll debut a new poll every 1st day of each month. a big thanks to Maria La'O for writing this in my poll comments...

"I visit your blog once every day, except while I am travelling. It makes life easier here in the Middle East. Besides, we know that there is life outside Arabia and beautiful men too!"

maria, those are powerful words that helps keep this blogmaster's daily interest maintaining this aguysite blog. a thank you to matthew as well for wanting to visit my blog "obsessively every hour"!


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