Thursday, July 21

hard sell . cody's straight!

in another edition of "hard sell" comes a recent revelation that has injured my heart. let the rainbow heavens weep because cody from corbin fisher is 100% straight... my porn crush has shattered but can be repaired if you read the last sentence in this post. but don't worry, cody is getting paid to do very queer things on corbin fisher including a recent, very hardcore straight f!ckfest featuring only guys and no women! but back to the story at hand.

i've had a porn crush on cody since he debuted on corbin fisher and i've seen this quite shy + timid performer do as he's told on the site but i have never really saw him embrace homosexual acts like other performers have. his craft is a mix of eagerness + awkardness. it's very easy to see that cody is new + a virgin to male entertainment. but when mr. fisher adds bianca, the corbin fisher girl who is supposely the "girlfriend" of some guy on the site, then cody's epic life as an exclusive queer porn star has turned into a bi porn star.

as a paying member of corbin fisher i usually pass up the girl on guy videos. [don't worry soon to be members, out of 190+ videos on the site, only about 5 featuring some yucky girl.] now since i have a porn crush on cody... and the straight perv inside of me has gotten curious, i actually want to see cody become flustered and become incredibly sexual with bianca. i want to see straight intercourse!

i want to see for the first time how a straight guy does a girl on a porn website. i guess it's the perv inside me that wants to see cody actually get horny without the thought of money on the line. in one shot, you see his tented undies and in another you see cody's mouth on the girl's flower. gross!!! yet i still want to see it.

cody looks like a man in this new title from corbin fisher rather than the quiet new guy on the block. attention mr. fisher. now that we've gotten through another one of your girly straight yucky but arousing videos, let's finally see cody get penetrated. i thinking... maybe gabe should do it. gabe seems qualified for this job and i think the outcome will be quite profitable for everyone. just do him already!


Blogger mArCeLo said...

1. Congratulations, yours is the best blog I've seen on the net.
2. Why censor it? Why don't you show everything?
3. Get immediately a decent simple posts system like

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Congratulations, yours is the best blog I've seen on the net.
2. Why censor it? Why don't you show everything?
3. Get immediately a decent simple posts system like


12:13 AM  
Blogger aguysite said...

well thank you marcelo from brazil. comments like yours really gets my creative male seed flowing!

now you ask why censor it? simple answer. the government + the recent crackdown on nudity on the net. i'll lead you to websites which feature nudity [under a membership price] but i will not post an uncensored image of triple x content ever on aguysite blog. i'm sorry if this disappoints you but i hope you remain an interested visitor in aguysite blog, +! ;o)

thanks again marcelo!

1:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cody is okay, but Gabe is terrific! Even screwing his girlfriend is incredibly hot because he is so hot. He's got it all, and perhaps someday we'll see him in man-on-man.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


first of all, i hate being obvious so i won't say the word, but i just can't help checking out your doings on the internet, just can't help myself! - hope you'll catch my drift.

second, thanks to your 3 degrees series,i've been playing the detective while checking out porn on the web and i got a couple of things to share (although i think you pretty much know about it already...)

1. cody is brandon on fratmen (haven't seen any of the videos, though)
2. logan is there two named wes
3. i can't help it but wonder why videos 6, 13, 17, 25, 41, 42, 43, 59, 68, 70, 92, 100 (aj), 118 and 124 were removed from especially because aj(100) is still all over
4. what would be these guys real names?
5. how much of what they say is true?
6. back to aj from - did you know the guy has a page ?

i'd love meet you.
keep up the good work!

have a good one


9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just went over what i wrote last night and got some misspelling... (i know that's all right and you probably got what i meant, but i can't help being picky) so i meant logan is there TOO, although he does feature in two or more videos lol.

all the best, dude!


12:30 AM  
Blogger Schlitz25 said...

yeah. lovin Corbin Fischer, just discovered it, and Gabe...really nice. Im curious to know how much the st8 guys get paid...if i could only find out the going rate, and scrape up a few, there would be a party at my house!

2:10 PM  
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