Saturday, July 2

hard sell . corbin fisher's epic trilogy

this weekend, two very profitable websites released their new videos for us members to download. what's that you say, you're not a member? not part of the club? then go on and sign up with corbin fisher + sean cody today. each website has released an all male orgy video. corbin fisher's epic trilogy straight f!ckfest gets an official review over the next 3 days.

corbin fisher has released his 3 part series entitled straight f!ckfest featuring lucas, cody, logan, + dirk. lucas is straight slash bisexual because he f!cked his "girlfriend" on camera for mr. fisher's fans but the other 3, well their sexuality are all up in the air. i could have sworn there were more guy/girl videos produced on the sight but... who cares.

part one starts off with a pool party in black + white format. i still don't fully understand why these guys are posing for these websites but i do fully understand why many of us pay for this content. it's quality entertainment not found on any american tv set or video store. thank our greek gods in the sky for the invention of the pc and all things queer.

straight f!ckfest is so far for those guys into watching boyish college guys frolic in a late night, skinny dipping session in someone's backyard pool. my favorite of the group is cody, the shy and very timid straight boy who showcases the sweetest raw talent i've seen in a good number of porn years.

i'm actually enjoying the fact that this opening sequence is shot entirely in black and white. maybe a little homage to the art of capturing the male body in shades of gray. dirk, out of nowhere, admits to the camera on who from the corbin fisher roster sucks the best d!ck. interesting to find out that it's not any of the guys featured in this series but someone on another video... but who? [i'm not going to tell you. this is the art of the tease, sign up to find out this answer and so much more.] dirk goes on to tell corbin fisher that when "insert name when you join" decides to come back for another encore performance, you call me up.

holy sh!t. cody, my favorite corbin fisher performer, gives away a big secret half into part one. i'm an idiot to have never thought about this but when he's asked a certain sexual question, his answer is corbin fisher! well i didn't think that the creator of corbin fisher would have fun with his college roster but i just never thought about it. it's a shock to me. i don't know why. i'm thinking it's because mr. fisher does not show his face on camera. his college guys seems to not mind the exposure but mr. fisher for some reason stays behind the camera.

"i'm a straight guy, don't get me wrong..." says one of the four guys. sure you are. surreee you are. cody is still very quiet in this new video. he's watching everyone from his corner of the hot tub slash pool, observing, only talking when spoken to... cody is definitely the one guy to have the best str8 crush you've ever had. doesn't mean you'll get him. could cody one day be in a gay, gay, gay relationship? the 2nd amusing quote spoken in the pool is "it's gotta be double d or it ain't for me". lol. oh you straight boys.

as part one comes to a close + moves inside the house, my huggable crush cody, takes a seat with everyone else on the extra large black leather sofa. what happens next is so staged but you learn to accept it. two sit on one cushion while the other to sit over on the other side of the sofa. cody comes off yet again as the one following a verbal script. from this self appointed porn expert, cody is doing what he's been told to do. i just can't see him as a take charge guy yet... but he is a top in the videos... so far! i wonder if i would be nervous if i was in his place getting paid to screw some college gal. i wonder how much i would have to get paid to go straight? how much would you ask before going straight?

that's it for part one. check back on sunday for part 2's review and monday for part 3's review. for those wanting to experience this epic trilogy right now, head on over to corbin fisher and become a full time member. added benefits? 190 plus other corbin fisher videos! what you waiting for, sign up and experience the corbin fisher trilogy, straight f!ckfest!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great web site. When you e mail Corbin, he responds back in a couple of days. Can't wait for more of Gabe. I told Corbin that I would like to see Gabe with Pete.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cody is my favorite, too. He's seen on as "Brandon," but just soloing. I'm waiting for a dvd with him fucking guy or girl. Here's to hoping!

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He had his own site called but it is gone now. Anyone know what he is doing now?

10:42 AM  

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