Sunday, July 3

hard sell . corbin fisher's epic trilogy 2

as the 2nd part of this epic corbin fisher trilogy begins, we last left our daring performers on a black leather sofa. the courageous lucas and adventurous logan were on one side of the sofa awaiting the moment that would change their epic lives! they watched the heroic dirk take the oh so soft, sweet + innocent lips of the timorous cody.

dirk takes charge pulling cody's war-torn swimtrunks completely off, cody returns the favor by pushing his virginesque [is this even a word?] lips back onto dirk's. legal age boys' lips smacking invade our ears.

over one the other side of eroticism, lucas' velcro swimtrucks rip apart, gently tugged off by logan's unyielding hands. logan's hunger for lucas' nipples are insatiable, his mouth pulling away devouring lucas' erect perfection shaft. "somebody's a little hard over there..." interrupts dirk breaking the mood.

enough of the romance sh!t. you get the idea the queer slash straight fun has begun. it is no longer sensual but now a big ol' corbin fisher f!ckfest. the two set of guys are still at each end's of the sofa but all four are completely naked and sucking something half hard.

3 minutes in i find that it's always good to hear a "straight" guy really suck a pecker. i mean he's got spit and he's salvating and he's just making so much noise it makes your heart beat a little gayer.

my pc porn crush cody is quite erect at this point. so is lucas . the other two, well, they're getting there. i mean i don't think my dick would be hard so quick so fast if i was in a girl's bed. you've got to your erection some time to switch from what you want to 'do i have to'. but you've got to give it to these str8ies, they've given this all they got. bless their almost queer hearts.

a few more minutes in this epic corbin fisher title begins to get quite good. right now dirk is softly talking dirty to cody who's begining to suck dirk's dynamic dick. oh, did you hear that? from the other side of the couch a !POP! is heard as a pecker escapes the clutches of lucas' mouth. at this point both "couples" are doing the sixty nine. what's a 69? well it's what many did while in studio 54. wink!

i've yet to hear cody talk dirty. i need cody to take charge and verbalize what he really wants. as cody + dirk remain in the sixxtty ninnnneee position, logan is taking over lucas' body. he's got lucas moaning throughout the entire thing. in fact, he's the only one moaning. everyone else is quiet... they're working.

just like a real foursome, it's never exactly what you want it to be but it's working out just enough so that your erection is a happy pecker. i think logan's a little wild on lucas' naughty bits because i'm thinking this guy wants to be the camera hog. eyes darting towards the camera. look at me, i'm the best there ever was. logan is working hard, corbin fisher employee of the week.

oh jesus almighty sunday christ, they finally revealed the holy ground that is cody's bumhole. i just want to collapse at the sheer beauty of it. fall on my knees. shed a tear. "f!ck man, you're a**hole's so f!ckin' tight... damn" says dirk only a mere inch or two away from it. lucky bastard! listen up, this is how i know [by seeing it with my own eyes] how shy and timid and bashful cody is. you can't fake or act what other's attempt on other websites. cody is a rare find. a few more videos and cody will be the one training new corbin fisher guys.

my my folks. i'm only halfway through part 2. let's press fast foward on this review and get the 2nd half done. this should be fun, i'm going to merge words + quotes + fragment sentences for the 2nd half. here queer go.

"eat that ass." wallpaper + screenworthy shot clocks in around 12 minutes + 23 seconds. cody can't even pay the proper attention on dirk's pecker because his bum is getting a sloppy wet [very long] kiss from dirk's lips, he's entranced. oh jesus erection christ, one of the guys just slapped that muscled ass of cody's. i had to rewind that to hear it again. could there be another slap down the line?

the four have now merged with the 2 hottest guys in the middle kissing and the 2 okay looking guys on the outside. you could make a sculpture out of these four. "spank his ass for me." is spoken at one point. yes, cody's ass is the one that got spanked! f!ck yeah. oohh, at one point, cody smears his built up pecker spit off his bicep. yummm!

my eyes suddenly widen as the amateurish cody takes in nearly an entire corbin fisher shaft in his mouth. practice does make perfect! i also love hearing when one of these guys answer back to a question with something large in their mouth, you know, they mutter words. kinda what you do when your lover asks you question while you're... working.

as part 2 comes to a close, cody is wonderfully sucking away on someone's pecker. he's almost a pro. breathing like you're suppose to through your nose, controling your spit, repeated motion... cody is the epic reason as to why you should join corbin fisher.

part 3 of the epic str8 trilogy concludes monday!


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Great Review. Everything you Review is a riot to read!

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