Monday, July 4

hard sell . corbin fisher's epic trilogy 3

as most father's say, you should finish what you started. and so i complete the epic trilogy review of corbin fisher's straight f!ckfest. as we last left our adult heroes, my hug-a-bug cody was taking in logan's member while dirk is on his knees before a very verbal and loud lucas. the setting still remains inside on the same leather sofa. but it's not just any sofa, it's an EPIC sofa smeared with male sweat. sniff sniff.

what i do see missing from all of this pecker sucking is spit. male spit salivating from the shaft and dripping onto the leather below. why do i need to see this? should we be seeing spit? the answer to both questions is a very queer yes. wait, fetish alert clocks in at 2 minutes + 16 seconds. it's the foot kind, for those into that sort of thing. oh and there's a great shot of cody's well defined tricep flexing while he holds onto logan's wood.

as the scene changes, i mean as the positions change, both dirk + logan become bottoms. "you like that straight boy dick?" asks one of the tops. oh i could have loads of cum fun with the answer to that question. but i'll keep somewhat a focus on this review.

as lucas inserts his fully erect member into logan's bum hole, i squint my eyes to see if a condom is in use. ahh, you'll have to sign up to find the answer to this observation. "you want more?" asks another toppie. "put it all the way in." commands a bottomie.

logan has become the verbal guy, moaning and grunting. wow, look at dirk. he's very hairy, well not hairy like a bear but hairy enough to be fall into the hairy category. cody's nutttsss are magnificent!!! wait, logan's bum crack is pretty hairy as well, as all straight cracks should be. pretty boy gays are smooth, straight boy guys are hairy. that's how it should be. that's how society made us.

at around 6 minutes in, both dirk + logan battle it out for loudest bottom queer. you gotta make sure to turn down your speakers at this point- and i just heard a good hard buttock slap. oh damn, an extra f!ckin' hot moment clocks in at exactly 7 minutes + 37 seconds in with a nice big shot revealing all: both cody + lucas pumping away into both logan + dirk who are draped over the now musky scented leather sofa- but wait, both logan + dirk exchange a kiss. that's when the adult magic kicks in.

as the battle of grunts + moans continue between bottom's logan + dirk, it's easy to see that one is trying to out perform the other. dirks starts slapping the leather cushion trying to get a grip as cody hits the ass like a straight honor student should. logan one ups dirk by slapping toppie lucas on the buttock cheeks. he did this while draped over the sofa, flexiable guy he is.

the only one still emotionless + quiet is our hug-a-bug cody. his soft eyes dart from his own package to the other guys "working" it. when lucas commands for cody to switch because he wants a piece of dirk, cody does as he's told. cody, you've got to be more aggressive. more smiles. more "f!ck yeah"'s. but at least cody is curious enough to keep looking over at the other guys "working". that show's very gay possibilites for future titles.

positions change a bit here. lucas + dirk are standing while logan is on all fours [still on the leather sofa that i'd buy off ebay anyday] getting rammed by cody's erection. as both lucas + dirk battle it out for logan to suck their peckers, cody is told to "pound it" and "slap that ass" in which cody does. he really should be nicknamed: does as he's told cody.

we're about halfway through the third part of this trilogy and again i will review the 2nd half with random words, quotes + fragment sentences. you'll have to sign up with corbin fisher to fully enjoy the entire trilogy.

"put it all the way in." "oh yeah, bend that back, there you go." i think we've got a record number of str8 booty slaps here. another amateurish, very sweet moment clocks at 15:03 when cody does as he's told creating a sweet memory forever remembered in my queer heart. "pound it! i just want to see you pound it." oh, there's some nice erotic art on the wall. i think it's erotic looking... damn, logan's pulled 2 peckers with his strong grip inserting both heads into his mouth. good job! well done.

at one point dirk has his hand on his pecker. lucas his hand on logan's pecker. logan has his hand on lucas' pecker. and cody has his hand on his own pecker. "get it on me." wow, as your eyes on one pecker about to erupt, cody's erupts causing me to faint like a female finding out she's about to play tom cruise's beard. ohhh semen on a bicep, the best place to lick it off. "wow that's a first for me..."

we now move away from the rank musk cum soaked leather sofa into the bathroom for a fourway shower. these boys are suddenly straight again as football comes up, someone's girl comes up, someone finds a pube in their mouth, someone doesn't want to bend over to pick something up... it's real funny how they can make fun of queer things but it's funnier when we fully understand that when you go dick, well there's just no coming back from it. you're addicted. period.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your three-part review is a total pee. Cody rules.

12:30 PM  
Blogger aguysite said...

i'm not sure if that's lingo for "it sucks" or "it rocks" but okay. thanks for taking the time to write down something either positive or negative. ;o)

we all don't have to like the same things. and we also have to like the same things. lol

4:14 PM  

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