Friday, July 1

july letter . 1 year old + updates

to those of interest,

today i write to inform those of recent web happenings for aguysite blog, + each of my web creations offer something different and queer for my readers. you may be a fan of just one site or you may be a fan of all three. it's your choice to keep returning and it's my job to keep entertaining.

july 30th marks my one year anniversary of aguysite blog. i don't know what to say except thank you. i'm still here because of your web interest. not sure who's been here since day one but i'd like to hear from you. i hope to be here for another few good years. i do expect to move aguysite blog into its own official domain but that'll be sometime down the line, not at this moment.

every 1st and 15th day of every month i update my blogmaster/webmaster lists. some links may be taken off due to inactivity, others may return just because while many new links will debut. some have asked to be on the list. that's quite alright to ask to have your blog added onto my roster. you must know that i do have right to say no or maybe have the chance to debut your blog at a later time.

background created from image

now many will see that my lists are not in abc format. it's pretty much random with new links recently added being placed towards the top of each list. again, my purpose for this is to make sure you visit links or blogs at random. it's just how i do it.

my newest web creation,, is only a month old and has actually gotten to a great start with help from other blogmasters + visitor participation. recently was added onto the roster of even though aguysite blog was never considered. go figure.

my only problem with "best gay blogs" is when they feature your blog, they choose a random picture, quote some email sent in and add an excerpt from one of your blog entries. they don't personally write a damn thing about the blog itself or what they experienced when visiting your blog. i feel like they are infecting our blogs for some master "war of the worlds" plan that when it hits, that when IT happens, we would have never seen it coming! i know, very dramatic. what's so hard about writing something personal anyways? was also recognized by a very queer newspaper publication in the dallas/ft worth area but when they emailed me about doing a piece on me, i told them i'm a closeted queer. well, they said the story just wouldn't work. i said fine. maybe at a later date when i've got the heavy bull sac balls to come out to my homophobic family and say i'm gay, then maybe i can start plastering my face everywhere.

i'm proud of it was also featured twice now on [i'm thinking the creator of this website is family but not sure.] reality blurred ranks about 17,777 out of 8,058,044,651 websites [ source + source]. it just feels good to know each of my websites have found their own individual audiences. for those wondering, ranks 407,017 and aguysite blog ranks 32!!! no, no, wait. the reason aguysite blog ranks 32 is because ranks 32. if you don't have a domain name then you will not have an accurate rank found on also, ranks 885,807. at least i'm not ranked below 885,808!

once more, [which use to be monthly] is now bi-monthly. check out this previous blog entry for all details: june letter . i'm bi now. and finally, expect another week long theme to happen july 17th through july 23rd. i won't reveal the theme until july 15th but it's a good one. that's it folks. thank you for everything. you deserve my hard work!

back to work,
aguysite blogmaster.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Job with I check in on it daily.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Nicholas Ajax Stamos said...

Nate -

I predict that when you do decide to come out - you'll be a major force in the gay community.
You're already a major voice.
Congrats on your work and all the best to you.


8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with Ajax. I hope you keep Aguysite Co. up and running for 10 years or so. Thanks for all your hard work.


3:32 PM  
Blogger Brechi said...

cool page - yeah the july background is hot.

4:43 PM  
Blogger -winz said...


10:17 PM  

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