Monday, July 18

the talent . bazlondon

the next individual of talent is george dewhirst, a freelance photographer who's main passion is the allure of the black + white format. his choice of photographs are selected based on the ideal that is "for images of who and what your about".

he now offers his services to photograph you within his home or back garden. based in kennington se17 [united kingdom], george's photo sessions last approximately 2 hours and downloads the raw images to a disc at the end for you to take home. but before you leave the session, you then select 10 photos of yourself to be turned into high quality images sent to you at a later date.

you may find some of his work featured on personals and bigmuscle dot com. if you seek more information about this individual of talent, check out his gaydar profile, bazlondon. here we find out that he's on his way to malaga, spain until august 2nd, a top in the bedroom, always practices safe sex and is of the australian breed.

his official website is known as pickies dot com but his more male slash queer work is under a hidden web address bazmain dot htm.

one of his recent clients, dj pier morrocco, can be seen on his dj page over at heaven london, the club self dubbed "the most famous gay nightclub in the world". i've never heard of it until today.

now that you have a visual idea of mr. dewhirst's work and if you are the area of spain before august 2nd or in the united kingdom after august 2nd and you would like to seek the employment of george dewhirst, then visit his 2 websites and enjoy his services. + bazlondon.


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