Thursday, July 21

the talent . citying

now just because a male individual of talent is featured on aguysite blog doesn't mean those selected are all entirely homosexual. with that said, today's selection is about brillance created through a Nikon D70. the creator or photographer is only known as citying and features a visual walkthrough for those intriqued with new york city's soul + spirited personality.

since i know a good amount of you may have been to the big apple or may possibly live in the city that never sleeps, any human being [whether categorized as gay or straight] can appericate this individual's work.

with images dating back to march of 2004, citying's photographer looks for the characteristics of a city that most may just pass over for national monuments or idolized structures. he captures sights that intrique the mind to that next level of apperication. this is a series of photos featuring new york city [among other cities] in a visual delicacy for your intellect.


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