Tuesday, July 19

the talent . rex werk

what's to say. rex werk is beyond erotic. he's taboo. boderline fetish. and not for those faint of heart. his official website does not feature an artist biography so any information obtained is from fans of his work.

jack fritscher has titled rex as the "t. s. eliot of graphic sex". who's mr. eliot you ask? time magazine details t.s. eliot to be one of the top 20 artists slash entertainers of the 20th century. that's quite a consequential comparison!

mr. fritscher goes on to write an article about rex werk where we learn that rexwerk has been in creation since the late sixties. it's best not to rework a writer's words so here is an excerpt from The Artist, the Work, the Gallery

"I would identify his forbidding and verboten themes, his exquisite technique, and his content which appeals as much as his form. There are literally a million reproductions of hundreds of his drawings. Rex is a Rorschach. In his drawings, trap doors open and we viewers recognize the vertigo of our own falling, fallen, complicated nature. Rex expresses the psyche of leather culture far deeper than Arnett, the Hun, Domino, Etienne, Martin of Holland, and Tom of Finland. Those artists are each singular and great and safely gay. But Rex is distinguished, because he goes beyond gay and dares draw images of marginal and perverse sexual urges we may not ever want to admit to, but that we often cum to."

should we agree with the last statement? it's best you and i never say another word about the perverse subjects that may give you + i one hellish yet healthy erection. i dare not write down a word that details one such subject featured throughout rex's work but i will leave your erring imagination get the best of you to venture to his web domain. here you will get a further sample of his selections and then decide how you may purchase his work based entirely on your own unspoken personal reasons.

for those of interest, we get a sense of what rex may prefer online based on links found on his official website. rex favors stomper boots, which titles itself " the best damn boot shop in the world." such fans of rexwerk can purchase a video gallery entitled beyond innonence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

>who's mr. eliot you ask? time magazine details t.s. eliot to be one of the top 20 artists slash entertainers of the 20th century.

mercy me- I _have_ to assume the writer above was being ironic.

TS Eliot the "artist/entertainer"

"The Waste Land" - The Musical

"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" duet with Petula Clark

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Jack Fritscher said...

Nothing ironic did I mean about comparing the wasteland of Rex to T. S. Eliot who also knew of "restless nights in one-night cheap hotels and sawdust restaurants."

---Jack Fritscher

11:38 PM  

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