Sunday, July 17

the talent . steven shadwell

this is steven shadwell. and this is his work. his website which showcases his work + personal photos does not currently host a biography section. we learn to educate ourselves about steven through his selected images. we know he is involved with a man by the name of allan and that steven has a photographic fascination with colin farrell as well as an robbie williams artistic inspiration. steven has also either hosted or been to a "bear-b-que". i would love to go to that que for some grade A beef. steven also has an online collection of bush parody photos which includes a great photo that states: bush + dick = f!cked. i have to say that this is the first i've heard of this f!cktastic saying.

if we are to self title steven's fetish interests, then his would include bears, hairy men, tattoos, piercings, armpits and leather. i have the same interests except for 2 on this list. can you guess which one's i'm interested in? or can i guess how many of you actually care about what i'm into?

most of mr. shadwell's desenho's dates back to 1985 with newest selections posted on july 6th of this year. i'm not the art critic here so the best i can do is to feature a few selected images based on my own personal taste and let your curiosity get the best of you. if you are enjoying the work of steven shadwell, please visit his official artist website.


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