Friday, July 15

"the talent" week . july 17th - 23rd

as promised, today i announce the next themed week for's blog... talent week. as many fans of aguysite blog know, any post featuring the title, "the talent", features creative + artistic elements of the male body shown through paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, modeling, singing, etc.

my first themed week was centered around the triple x company, jake cruise. it was a great success as many visitors pushed through my posts into his website. i'm all about promoting + sending my visitors into quality gems of the net. i figured some of my blog audience would rather not see another week long porn review. but don't worry queer triple x fans, i'll devote another week to another company in the coming months.

again, each post for this themed week will follow all regular daily posts. basically you'll get 2 posts a day from july 17th - 23rd. the images featured within this post are from those with male talent... but not pre-selected websites, individuals and/or images already chosen for "the talent" week which begin this saturday the 17th.

now before i end this post, let me address a comment left in my blog regarding this post, the talent . finbarr massi. some may laugh at me but f!ck it, i have to address this. recently mr. massi somehow came across the entry and wrote this down... "Creepy, Thanks for the props! -Finbarr". okay. what the f!ck. if i write about someone with talent, it's not suppose to come off as "creepy". where did i go wrong? i was floored reading this. shocked!

now during this themed week, i'm going to be writing about a good number of men with talent. just because i write about someone, research their product on the net, and then rave about them doesn't mean i'm somehow obsessed with them. for some f!ckin' reason my finbarr review came off as "creepy yet... cool" to mr. massi. do people with talent not want to read about themselves and their accomplishments? yes, i know he wrote "thanks for the props!" i'm just trying to get this across to those who have been featured or may be featured on my site. i'm just a fan, i write a blog + i help get your talent out there. [even if you didn't ask for me to do it in the first place.]

and lastly, for those finding your website, image or personal story on my blog, please, i not trying to creep out you or anyone out. i'm just helping spread your good talents to my readers and showing my readers that they themselves can maybe become inspired by your work, your products, your self accomplishments and then become a talented and successful individual such as yourself. everyone got that? good. comment away if you have a website or individual you'd like for me and other blogs to review. we all love fresh new queer finds + content to write about.


Blogger Dken Da Boi said...

Yeah uhm.. me :D.
(gawsh im so shy haha)
Oh and my blog, too.

oh uhm i'll be kinda away for the weekend though. but please, check the website out. TY :D

3:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo guy.

I wouldn't think too much about a creepy comment. I googled myself once and was freaked about the things that came back. It *is* kinda creepy when your shit's out there. But it a cool, yet big brother kinda way. Hell I only emailed finbarr after reading about him on your site. He be mad cool...creepy but cool. *wink*


it's all good about the comment.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

finbar massi's music is kinda tired so i wouldn't sweat his comments.

12:28 AM  
Blogger Finbarr Massi said...

Hey Guy! I'm sorry I wasn't clear. What I meant by "creepy" was along the lines of delpapi's comment. It was strange to find out how much you knew about me (the Sinanian connection, for ex). The "thanks" part was that I thought what you wrote was very, very nice. I'll be more clear in the future. Keep up the good work!

8:51 PM  

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