Tuesday, August 30

blogmaster . i return to work sept 1st

it turns out a loved one was stuck in florida sunday night as the hurricane made her way through the gulf coast. my loved one finally arrived home safetly today. the life drama for the month of august just keeps fuckin' coming... i return to posting sept. 1st! [give me time to spend with my loved one after their ordeal!]

my prayers are with those who have experienced katrina.

Saturday, August 27

hard sell . kody & jay

Friday, August 26

pintura . untitled

Thursday, August 25

foto . beladornon cowboy 2

Wednesday, August 24

foto . beladornon cowboy

Tuesday, August 23

dishabille . the nutsac boys

Monday, August 22

aguysite.com . sept/oct edition

Sunday, August 21

sunday . the lugubrious angel

Saturday, August 20

for those of interest . blogger's flag

now i've not been the one to showcase nude photos or post links to free adult content. i do not think my blog content is "questionable" or "offensive"... except maybe to sunday church goers and some conservative, desperate housewives. [now for those housewives who do check me out and enjoy my services, i thank you ladies]

remember visitors, i'm not x rated material and you shouldn't be viewing this if you are under the age of 18. i am in no way sending this information to you. you are choosing to recieve it.

with that said, if you look to the top right corner of aguysite blog [or any blog hosted on blogger.com] you'll see a flag. if any fellow bloggers have visitors clicking that little flag, 2 things can happen. one, you can be labeled as "unlisted".

and two, blogger.com has the right to completely delete your entire blog. i currently back up my blog every 15 days. all entries are saved. you should do the same if you run a similar blog with "questionable" content.

if for some reason aguysite blog is wiped off the pc, i will re-open under a new domain name and use typepad.com services, the site i currently run guytvblog.com. i plan on taking aguysite blog off blogger.com next year so this new flag doesn't bother me. does it bother you?

Friday, August 19

carrot top . the new buff 2

back in april i posted a blog entry about carrot top's body transformation, carrot top . the new buff. nobody really cared and then sudden-fuckin-ly 2 images appear online and everybody's saying "guess who?" when they post it. so now i present the whore images tramping themselves all over the net. carrot top is a redhead and i really want a redhead [dick].

and yes aguysite blog readers... i'm back.

Wednesday, August 17

blogmaster . i apologize

i've been going through some issues at the moment off line. i'll be back to posting later this week. my apologizes for the lack of content in the past few days.

Saturday, August 13

hard sell . the red haired boy

Friday, August 12

blogmaster . my blog list

i needed to rewrite this post. i originally wrote this post at around 6 a fuckin m watching a record 13 hour endurance HOH competition for the cbs reality show, big brother 6. [it was fun!] so... staying all night to watch the oh so fucking sexy kaysar return to the house + compete was just worth the wasted evening slash morning.

while it was boring in the house [and waiting for a winner], i ranted on about another blogger using my blogmaster list [almost] exactly. it's okay for new bloggers to use my blog list [located to the right] to help start their own list. it really doesn't bother all that much.

no worries. really guys. i'm flattered. i did call the creator of the blog in question a "bitch" but when one queer calls another queer a bitch, it's a form of flattery. the guy in these images are not of the blogmaster kevinz, kevinz, but just images i'd thought i'd steal off his blog and use as my own. we should all give + take. it makes the world a better place.

Thursday, August 11

choose a fetish

fet·ish [ féttish ] (plural fet·ish·es)
object arousing sexual desire: something that arouses sexual excitement in somebody, e.g. an inanimate object or nonsexual part of the body

Wednesday, August 10

learn 2 lust . the facsimile man

Monday, August 8

mr. hoist 2005 . the gentlemen interviews

1. Tell us how you enjoy life.

I love spending time with my partner, we are both very tactile. My greatest pleasures are singing and bodybuilding. I also love communing with nature and exploring the universe.

2. Describe The Hoist in your own words.

The Hoist is one of the world’s best leather/fetish clubs, it can be as sleazy as you make it, friendly or full of attitude, depends what you are looking for. My few times at The Hoist were back in 1999 with my partner - we would find a dark corner and have a hot, sweaty time; various guys tried to join in but we kept it exclusive.

3. Tell us about your experiences since winning Mr. Hoist 2005.

Well, the main event was taking part in the International Mr Leather contest in Chicago at the end of May. I was proud to represent my country and fellow leathermen. I had a fantastic time meeting loads of great guys (contestants, contest organisers and helpers, and spectators). I enjoyed putting on a show for the crowd! Things have quietened down since then, but I’m hoping to get to some of the leather events in Europe later in the year. I’ve had a few invitations, but finding the time is difficult. A few people recognise me when I’m out and about; the whole Mr. Hoist thing is quite low-key, I’m not a celebrity!

4. Leather, Fetish, Europe. Talk freely about each subject.

Leather - I just love the look, feel and smell of it. The whole Tom of Finland image really helped me to come out, it’s just the most fantastically positive image of gay men. Leather, like any image, is a projection of oneself, so I guess it’s a way to express my sexuality in a very graphically. Although it’s physically constraining, it’s spiritually liberating. The paradox stimulates me.

Fetish - Again, fetishes are about projecting aspects of oneself into the physical world so potentially anything can be a fetish. I have a very vivid dream-life in which my sexual fantasies have no boundaries. I’ve experimented with lots of things in reality; I’ve got a vanilla centre with many flavours mixed in. I enjoy traditional macho images (bears, uniforms, cowboys, truckers, lumberjacks, cigars etc, etc). I particularly like chains with my leather.

Europe - I want to see greater European unity, but this must be done slowly and steadily. Europe is like a family - we have centuries of shared history, good times and bad, but we should stick together. I’m not happy about certain countries being part of the European Union because they have poor human rights records.

5. What's next for you after Mr. Hoist 2006 takes over?

Life carries on as before, constantly looking to grow and expand my horizons, enjoying the small pleasures of everyday life as well as the big adventures. I doubt I’ll be entering any more leather contests, I’ll be looking for new challenges.

6. Educate us about love.

Another big question. For me love is about giving others freedom to be themselves. If I love someone, their happiness is what matters even if that means they fly away. I’m deeply loyal to my friends and family; even if I don’t see someone for years, I’m always there for them if they need me. Of course, to be able to give love, you first have to learn to love yourself, which can be difficult - it’s taken me years of self-exploration. Like every other aspect of life, love is an ongoing journey, the best. Love is my favourite word.

7. Educate us about sex.

Sometimes sex is just pure biology - like eating, sleeping, it’s just something I need to do and that’s great. However, sex is best when it involves love and romance. The great thing about sex is it’s a different experience every time. Sex is about fun, freedom and human intimacy. I enjoy mindless sex occasionally, but I prefer some kind of mental connection. Nothing can replace the intense feelings I have with my partner, though it’s good to be able to explore other people sometimes.

8. Voice your opinion(s) on pop culture, politics and religion.

Pop Culture - Mmm, this is such a vast and subjective thing; I like to keep up with new developments in music, TV, fashion etc but I’ve never followed the crowd and most pop culture is so transient. Novelty is fun, but like junk food it quickly gets dull. I’m quite whimsical and eclectic in my tastes. I don’t watch soaps, I don’t like movies which proselytise and I’m not interested in celebrities. I enjoy adventure films and video games, listen to music of all kinds and watch a lot of comedy shows.

Politics - I don’t ascribe to the bipolar approach of Left-wing/Right-wing politics. I guess I’m an autocratic, socialist, libertarian, radical, anarchist, theocratic humanist. Politics is ultimately about pragmatism - if it works use it, if it doesn’t work ditch it. I would like to see the end of Nationalism as a model of international society.

Religion - My relationship with God gets stronger all the time. I belong to a sacred Order. Dogma, evangelism, hierarchy and religious establishment are some of the things we work to combat. We promote love, unity, truth and balance

9. What's the best thing about being 41 years old?

The actual number has no significance for me, I look for fulfilment in every day and as the years pass I value my time even more. Getting older is part of life’s adventure.

10. You say in your online profile that you are a "mystic” and "have been giving people spiritual guidance for 20 years". What advice do you have for all twenty-something guys?

Be true to yourself, don’t try to please everyone. Follow your dreams no matter how far from your current reality they may seem. Persistence through adversity will get you where you want to go. The more love you give, the more you receive.

any last words:
If you want to change the world, change yourself first.

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sunday . misrepresented

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cinematic . mr. brando 3

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fab magmozine . the superhero collection

Thursday, August 4

fab magmozine . super cover boy

cover boy found over at canada's stylus agency

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dishabille . sauna boy

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identify this pulchritudinous

Monday, August 1

august letter . october + chat dot com

to those of interest,

today i write to inform those of recent web happenings for aguysite blog, guytvblog.com + aguysite.com. each of my web creations offer something different and queer for my readers. you may be a fan of just one site or you may be a fan of all three. it's your choice to keep returning and it's my job to keep entertaining.

recently i had a "talent week" where i featured an individual of talent july 17th through july 23rd. i very muched enjoyed sharing some web talents and i plan on having another themed week august 21st through august 27th. i won't reveal the theme until a day before it starts.

in other news, my 3rd official gentlemen interview debuts august 8th. for those of interest, you'll have to check back on that day to find out who the gentleman is. i have not given up on the gentlemen interviews, i've actually got 3 in production but not everyone works on the same schedule. i have to wait for a response, give the interview subject some time to respond and then prepare the blog entry.

i don't pay anyone for their time so it's their choice to follow through with the interview. i didn't expect it would be quite so hard to get someone interested to take part in my gentlemen interviews. i don't view "growing older" as a hindrance but it's very easy for me to say that because i'm only twenty something years old. i just want people to respect a person of any age.

chat dot com. this is an aguysite.com feature that has forever been a nuisance to me because i'm having problems attempting to put together pages of notes of my ten plus years chatting online + hooking up from cyber chat rooms online for educational purposes. i want the subjects and topics to be universal + for all gay readers of legal age on up to get some sense of academic education from this online feature. one reason this feature has yet to debut is i write an article and then completely delete it. i'm too much of a perfectionist but i need to learn to let that side of me go and continue creating chat dot com. so with that said, this month you'll begin to see a few posts regarding chat dot com.

just to let you guys know, i'm a big fan of holidays so expect halloween editions of aguysite blog + aguysite.com as well as christmas editions for both sites. i'm such a whore for halloween outfits. every now and then you will see an "october . ?? days until oct. 31st" post. halloween is such a big deal for gays that it takes months of planning for the perfect outfit. i'm serious.

and lastly, beginning every 1st of every month you will see a new poll on the side bar just under "about me". your eyes should notice a change due to the poll's background color change. last month it was white, this month the background is black. simple webmaster tricks for the eye. please take part in this month's poll, i'm looking to date or f!ck.... i value your comments + interest in them.

back to work,
aguysite blogmaster.

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