Friday, September 30

hard sell . bailey

sean cody . bailey

state fair of texas . big tex returns

official state fair of texas website

mv . depeche mode's precious

depeche mode . precious . windows media format

Thursday, September 29

a dash of colour

Wednesday, September 28

the product . abercombie fall

Tuesday, September 27

foto . progenitor

Monday, September 26

for those of interest . 35 days til halloween

Sunday, September 25

magmozine . debuts 11.15.05

hard sell . sky & erik

Saturday, September 24

blogmaster . rita's depression

well it seems the panic in the dallas area was all for nothing. don't get me wrong, i'm grateful. i'm sorry for those in the city of memphis. as of right now dallas weather is now clear to mostly clear sky. no rain, which we really needed. all we get now are gusty winds for those straight bastards hoping to see women's skirts flip up.

i'm safe. i've got cases of water for my workouts now and batteries for my female friend who can borrow them all for her "problem". no blackouts. no sweaty fucking sessions [i wasn't in the mood, storm sex is the best kind]. and no delays in postings for aguysite blog +!

okay guys. i'm back to work. and thanks mr. monotonous. ;o)

Friday, September 23

blogmaster . hurricane rita

i just wanted to let you guys know that i live near or around dallas, tx and by sunday morning i will be in the middle of what the news call a "category 1" hurricane slash tropical storm. the news folk tell me to stay away from windows and to stock up on candles, flashlights, water bottles and condoms. that's right, i plan on fucking and/or getting fucked.

today i just went to the store and everyone is going nuts. the end of the world type behaviour. groceries stores are crowded. lines at the atm machines. cases of beer and/or water in carts. epic lines at working gas stations. it's just fucking nuts.

i went into the local grocery store at around 5pm and found all the water was gone. even the bread was gone. batteries were almost depleted. but wait, the expensive water was still available. dasani 24 pack bottles were on sale for 5.99 with store card, regularly 7.99. i guess people want cheap water but not the overpriced kind. don't worry, i used my store card and saved a few dollars.

after grabbing 3 cases of dasani water i went straight for an express lane and people around me were staring at me. eyeing me, their focus suddenly on my water. suddenly they were telling the cashiers "put me down for 2 cases of that water" and "wait a second, let me grab a case". the panic is infectious.

whether god is teaching us a lesson or mother nature is going through global hot flashes, society is not ready for mass panic. i don't think we will ever be ready. i'll be honest, i think i'll panic... but not as much as others. i'll be the one calming people down.

my main point in writing this entry tonight is my electrical power may be out for a day, maybe overnight, maybe not. if aguysite blog + stay quiet over the weekend, you'll know why. sole blame belongs to that mega bitch, rita.

oh yeah. the news is also reporting possible tornados for my area come sunday. fuck.

Thursday, September 22

desenho . gary edwards

Wednesday, September 21

faddism runway . obsidian skin

in the midst of the recent caribbean fashion week i noticed certain models with heightened sexuality. the fantasy of taking one into your bedroom, obtaining their designer clothing, enjoying the model's company and then watching the heightened sexuality walk out of your bedroom bare naked and free of all clothing is what a fantasy is all about.

while you take in the imagery of caribbean week, why not listen to ralphi rosario . gotta new love [derrick carters red nail redux mix] or j boogie . oceanic lullaby through your winamp player. if you enjoy my selections for this faddism runway, you can download these free + legal mp3 titles over at

Monday, September 19

dishabille . the gadabout boy

Sunday, September 18

faddism runway . nyfw spring

vivienne tam . real one formatcarmen marc valvo . real one format

tomer . real one formatjohn bartlett . real one format

rose cha . real one formatbetsey johnson . real one format

Saturday, September 17

choose a fetish

Friday, September 16

september mv's

katie melua . nine million bicycles . windows media format

starsailor . in the crossfire . windows media format

paul van dyk . the other side . windows media format

Thursday, September 15

identify this pulchritudinous

Wednesday, September 14

blogmaster . ask me a question

click for the answer to the question regarding jeff probst

this is your chance, the, aguysite blog + readers, to ask this blogmaster/webmaster a question. simply leave a question [and/or comment] and i'll answer back with an honest answer. have you got something you've been dying to find out about me? maybe you're wondering something about this blogmaster's personal life? or maybe you want advice on something happening in your life. all you have to do now is to write a question in the comments area and await an answer. [and no, that image pictured above is not of me...]

hard sell . kody + jay

Tuesday, September 13

cinematic . hellbent

the talent . colton ford

Monday, September 12

learn 2 lust . the paramour of the family

Sunday, September 11

pintura . remembrance 9.11

Saturday, September 10

take a guess what debuts 11.15.05

Friday, September 9

the product . calendar cops

Thursday, September 8

september question

Tuesday, September 6

trophy boys . vainglory style

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Monday, September 5 . sept/oct edition

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Sunday, September 4

sunday . 56 days until damnation

56 days until halloween

Saturday, September 3

foto . inamorato

Friday, September 2

the gentleman or the guy?

one of my favorite posts returns for a 4th dose of your unique + diverse thoughts. for those who don't know, this blogmaster has been put in a few situations where i had to choose between meeting a gentleman [40 years of age + older] or a guy [18 years of age + up] for a date or afternoon hook up. lately, hairy guys + gentlemen have gotten my heart racing and each have been given me harder erections that throb uncontrollably when i get to taste or touch male body hair.

so... i've been wondering which is better, very hairy [the gentleman] or just average hairy [the guy]? i'm curious what my readers would choose... if these two hairy-ish guys featured above were your 2 choices for an afternoon fucking session [and you can only choose one!], which hairy individual would you choose? and why? very important to list the reason(s) why.

and smooth or shaven is not an option this round...

Thursday, September 1

september letter . 251,005 + blogger nerds

to those of interest,

today i write to inform those of recent web happenings for aguysite blog, + each of my web creations offer something different and queer for my readers. you may be a fan of just one site or you may be a fan of all three. it's your choice to keep returning and it's my job to keep entertaining.

boy, august was a drama filled month for this blogmaster. both online and offline. today i look forward to a fresh new month of blogging. recently a tv show on a cable network did a report on 'bad internet' talking about blogging becoming "uncool". that all the "popular" nerds with something to say are abandoning blogs because they feel everyone's got a blog with nothing to say...

well here's what i have to say to those of interest. i've never promised that my blog is suppose to be life changing or monumental. my blog is simple. for guys into guys. a visual, lustful daily treat. some words written here and there but mostly queer visual information for you to enjoy. i encourage everyone to start a blog. fuck the blogging nerds who think they're better than you and i. find your voice and begin posting.

in other hit usage news, aguysite blog has reached a quarter of a million hits! 251,005 to be almost exact. my first website,, is currently pushing towards the 1.3 million hit mark while is off to a slow start just reaching 80,000 hits.

why post these numbers? because i would like those eager to start their own website and/or blog know that there is an audience for your voice and your numbers could very well dwarf my stats. today, ohlala paris + towleroad are 2 of the top blogs pretty much added to any queer's blogmaster list. you get them to notice you, then your blog will find a much larger audience.

since the month of august for aguysite blog lacked content, expect another week long themed series of posts as well as my new blog feature "chat dot com". also, my gentlemen interviews are moving slower then expected so i plan on expanding my interviews to blogmasters. expect my first blogmaster interview to debut this month. don't worry gentlemen lovers, i'm still looking for grade A men to interview.

remember,'s september/october edition debuts sept. 5th! great new musical content as well as new site info for your pc pleasure. thanks for the hits and if you have anything positive or negative to say, post away in the comments below.

back to work,
aguysite blogmaster.