Friday, September 23

blogmaster . hurricane rita

i just wanted to let you guys know that i live near or around dallas, tx and by sunday morning i will be in the middle of what the news call a "category 1" hurricane slash tropical storm. the news folk tell me to stay away from windows and to stock up on candles, flashlights, water bottles and condoms. that's right, i plan on fucking and/or getting fucked.

today i just went to the store and everyone is going nuts. the end of the world type behaviour. groceries stores are crowded. lines at the atm machines. cases of beer and/or water in carts. epic lines at working gas stations. it's just fucking nuts.

i went into the local grocery store at around 5pm and found all the water was gone. even the bread was gone. batteries were almost depleted. but wait, the expensive water was still available. dasani 24 pack bottles were on sale for 5.99 with store card, regularly 7.99. i guess people want cheap water but not the overpriced kind. don't worry, i used my store card and saved a few dollars.

after grabbing 3 cases of dasani water i went straight for an express lane and people around me were staring at me. eyeing me, their focus suddenly on my water. suddenly they were telling the cashiers "put me down for 2 cases of that water" and "wait a second, let me grab a case". the panic is infectious.

whether god is teaching us a lesson or mother nature is going through global hot flashes, society is not ready for mass panic. i don't think we will ever be ready. i'll be honest, i think i'll panic... but not as much as others. i'll be the one calming people down.

my main point in writing this entry tonight is my electrical power may be out for a day, maybe overnight, maybe not. if aguysite blog + stay quiet over the weekend, you'll know why. sole blame belongs to that mega bitch, rita.

oh yeah. the news is also reporting possible tornados for my area come sunday. fuck.


Anonymous Djhinn said...

Hell put me down for a couple cases of dasani too while youre at it.

Hope you have some great fucks in the storm, i want a full inventory report of those condoms once the storm is through.

11:36 PM  
Blogger Curtis said...

Hold on, we "northerners" are keeping a good thought for you. You'll be alright - and we'll be there to help when you need us. Just hold on, it'll be alright!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Patric said...

Rita was kind enough to pass us by. Although I've gotta thank her for the good waves under the surfboard. Well, you got the water, flashlights and rubbers, so you're totally prepared as far as I can tell. Hope y'all get through this without too much inconvenience.

12:41 AM  
Blogger Joseph said...

You say that like sleaze is a bad thing!

10:24 AM  
Blogger just a man in love said...

rita passed us by with just a blow but have been through others so i know what you are going through...hang on and hope the electric is not out too long

1:06 PM  

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