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happy halloween!

Sunday, October 30

blogmaster . vacation today - nov. 7th

and so it starts. my first vacation away from my websites + blogs! for those unaware, this blogmaster is going to florida for some mickey + goofy universal beach gangbangs. during my absence,, aguysite blog & will be silent with little to most likely no updates until i return nov. 7th.

yes i know there are computers in florida but i'm on vacation damn it. it's been over a year now since i started this blog and so i think it's a great time to take a break. i mean it's halloween eve and halloween and i want to spend the gayest holiday in florida.

the next couple of posts will showcase images that represent an entire month of aguysite blog posts. it's a fun way for many of you newbies to enjoy what i do daily. plus there are now over 85 blogs on the right sidebar for you to enjoy. any comments should be left within this post so i can comment back and/or email you guys. that is if anyone cares i'm on vacation and have stopped blogging until nov. 7th. until i return back to work...

Saturday, October 29

foto . super stupefaction

Friday, October 28

audio . ladytron.destroy everything

ladytron . destroy everything you touch. m3u playlist file format

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the talent . matt ratliff

Wednesday, October 26

hard sell . mason & kyle

Tuesday, October 25

6 days 'til halloween

Monday, October 24

state fair of texas beef 3

Sunday, October 23

state fair of texas beef 2

Saturday, October 22

state fair of texas beef

Friday, October 21

vote today . Best Queer EyeCandy Blog

the editors over at gcspotlight mag is currently holding their 4th annual international 'sa grace d' excellence awards'. and guess who's nominated!! i'm nominated under the "Best Queer EyeCandy Blog"... and I'm confused because aguysite blog is my blog yet, my website, is nominated under this blog category... but each site can't exist without the other so i'm happy either way.

i was told that "This award is traditionally bestowed upon the websites in cyberspace that are deemed exceptional and nominated by surfers by invitation on our website gcspotlight mag". Well I thank every last one who help get my site nominated for this wonderful award.

now you have until november 30th to vote. just head on over to gcspotlightmag's voting page and find and click "vote" or you can click the blog i'm running against and "vote" for them. we all deserve something right?

spooky tales week . Don't let him out

[i first heard this story when i was at camp many years ago. camp wasn't as fun as some make it out to be but this spooky story is the only real memory i have from that experience. plus a very muscled and very hairy camp leader told the story so of course my full attention was on his every masculine, deep voiced word. i have no idea who came up with this story or what the true title is but i hope you enjoy it.]

As a full moon brightened the october night sky, a traveller drove his car down a beaten up road. The man dressed for a date had a map opened on the passenger side seat. On the sides of the road were tall trees with branches reaching out scratching the steel doors.

The man grasped the car wheel tightly as the car's headlights flickered. His eyes widened as the car began to die. "No, I wanted to get fuckin' laid!" After a few minutes of silence and with no hope of the car ever starting again, the man stepped out into the road. He looked around through the tall trees hoping to not see anything that would feast on his corpse.

Suddenly, there it was. A light! But a light from a great distance. He smiled closing the door making his way past the trees. His eyes never left the light for fear he would lose his way.

And then, to what the man thought was incredibly odd, was a tall wooden fence blocking his path. He looked to the right and then to the left, each side stretching as far as he could see. He focused on the light as his only means of help so he climbed over with ease. His many hours in the gym made that small feat no problem.

After a good while the man came up to a tall steel fence. He looked to the right and then to the left, the steel fence stretching as far as he could see. He proceeded to climb over the steel fence. He couldn't understand the reasoning for 2 fences. Was it to keep something in or to keep something out.

He made his way down a small slope in his journey towards the light to his shock was another tall wall made out of bricks! He grew angry as he used his gym muscles to pull his body weight up and over the brick wall. Suddenly the light was no longer just a light but a wooden cabin! He laughed sprinting for the property.

The man reached the porch knocking hard enough for anyone to hear. A slow moving elderly man dressed in a lab coat answered the door. The man started speaking a mile a minute about his situation and the fences and his need for help. The elderly man only said "Don't let him out."

The man looked at the elderly man confused but asked quickly "Can I use your phone?" The elderly man nodded and let him in. The elderly man left the room leaving our stranded traveller on his own. Beneathe his feet the wooden boards rumbled. A low cry was heard. A childlike cry that angered the man.

He quickly searched for the basement door while the elderly man was in the other room. He found it! Making his way down some wooden stair he found a long hallway. A steel door with a small window was at the end of the long hallway.

The man walked over as the childlike crying grew louder. "Hey, are you all right?" The crying stopped. The man looked through the small window on the door to see a large darkened room. In the corner, hidden in the large shadow, was the sound of something moving with chains. "What's going on here?" the man asked.

"Let me out. I want to play" said the soft voice from the shadow. "How do I let you out?" asked the man. "Press... the button" said the soft voice.

The man found a green button near the door and pressed it without question. The steel door unlocked. Next the chains unlocked. And then... from the shadow... a large furry redish hand, the size of a queen size bed, came into the light. It's large yellowish finger nails scrapped the metal floor. "Thankkk youuu" said the voice, now deeper and more menacing.

The man started to back away as the large hand pulled back into the shadow. "Let's play" said the voice from the shadow. The man took off towards the stairs and ran out through the basement door. The elderly man was nowhere in sight but the front door was wide open. The floor boards underneath his feet rattled as the entire house shock.

The man took off back into the woods towards the brick wall. Without looking back he could hear an explosion and the house collapsing. The man sprinted faster towards the brick wall scrapping his fingers as he reached the top. Just before he jumped to the other side, he looked back. He just had to! Standing taller than the house was a redish, furry, manlike beast. His eyes shining brightly in his darkened face.

The man threw himself over the edge and got to his feet. He could feel the beast started moving as the trees and ground shock. The man could hear the beast breaking through the brick wall. The man reached the steel fence quickly climbing over, his shirt suddenly caught. He slipped out of his shirt and continued forward.

The beast pushed down trees and ripped apart the steel fence with a strong roar. The man threw his body into the tall wooden fence climbing over. His energy and fight to live was dying. He cried as he collapsed near a tree. His eyes widened as the beast started walking his way. It's large foot coming down on the wooden fence.

The man closed his eyes screaming "Please don't hurt me!" The beast now stood in front of the weeping man. The beast's hand reached down pushing his dirty, yellow fingernail into the man's right shoulder. The nail piercing the skin making the man scream! And the beast said... [highlight below...]

You're it."

Thursday, October 20

identify this pulchritudinous

spooky tales week . photographic

Wednesday, October 19

spooky tales week . pendejo coche

A hitchhiker was walking down a lonely road one october night. He suddenly noticed a car moving towards him and his mischievous mind came into play. Just as the car came within a few feet of the hitchhiker, he pulled out a knife and jumped into the passenger side. "Get out of the car pendejo!" yelled the hitchhiker to quickly find that no one was driving. As the car picked up speed, the hitchhiker's heart skipped a beat.

Just as the car made a turn the hitchhiker leaped out with his face buried in the dirt repeating a prayer his dear old mother taught him when he was a boy. Minutes past and the man finally looked up into a silent road. The car was no where in sight. He got up and continued down the road always looking over his shoulder.

Finally, just up ahead, the hitchhiker saw lights! It was a local bar! He rushed inside laughing at the sight of people. He quickly took a seat at the bar and asked for the strongest stuff they could offer. He next went into great detail about his story and how he escaped death!

Minutes after the hitchhiker finished his story, 2 Mexicans walked into the bar. The bartender noticed them calling them over. "You've got to hear this man's story!"

So the 2 Mexicans listened to the hitchhiker's every word. They gave each other a wide eyed look once the story finished and burst into laughter. And then one of the Mexicans says "So you're the pendejo who jumped into the car when we were pushing it down the hill!"

[a popular story found online. i am not the creator but i am responsible for this new version]

foto . susceptible

Tuesday, October 18

spooky tales week . the headless horseman

One cold winter night, early in the New Year, a certain Dutchman left the tavern in Tarrytown and started walking to his home in the hollow nearby. His path led next to the old Sleepy Hollow cemetery where a headless Hessian soldier was buried. At midnight, the Dutchman came within site of the graveyard. The weather had warmed up during the week, and the snow was almost gone from the road. It was a dark night with no moon, and the only light came from his lantern.

The Dutchman was nervous about passing the graveyard, remembering the rumors of a galloping ghost that he had heard at the tavern. He stumbled along, humming to himself to keep up his courage. Suddenly, his eye was caught by a light rising from the ground in the cemetery. He stopped, his heart pounding in fear. Before his startled eyes, a white mist burst forth from an unmarked grave and formed into a large horse carrying a headless rider.

The Dutchman let out a terrible scream as the horse leapt toward him at a full gallop. He took to his heels, running as fast as he could, making for the bridge since he knew that ghosts and evil spirits did not care to cross running water. He stumbled suddenly and fell, rolling off the road into a melting patch of snow. The headless rider thundered past him, and the man got a second look at the headless ghost. It was wearing a Hessian commander's uniform.

The Dutchman waited a good hour after the ghost disappeared before crawling out of the bushes and making his way home. After fortifying himself with schnapps, the Dutchman told his wife about the ghost. By noon of the next day, the story was all over Tarrytown. The good Dutch folk were divided in their opinions. Some thought that the ghost must be roaming the roads at night in search of its head. Others claimed that the Hessian soldier rose from the grave to lead the Hessian soldiers in a charge up nearby Chatterton Hill, not knowing that the hill had already been taken by the British.

Whatever the reason, the Headless Horseman continues to roam the roads near Tarrytown on dark nights from that day to this.

the talent . ricky martin

Monday, October 17

magmozine . debuts 11.15.05

spooky tales week . tailypo

instead of posting my own original stories [due to copyright issues] i will post widely popular spooky stories and a few tales with a halloween queer twist. my first original selection is tailypo. this is the first creepy story i read as a young adolescence and is the only story i can remember by great detail.

if this is your first introduction to the story i invite you to turn off the lights and turn off any distractions to fully submerse your mind into the story. you have 3 choices. you can read the story. or you can hear the story. and you can view a big plump woman tell you the story. i prefer choice number 3. enjoy tailypo.

Sunday, October 16

the product . angeli del rugby

Saturday, October 15

dernier cri . lucia

Friday, October 14

hard sell . kody & friends

Thursday, October 13

october question

Wednesday, October 12

superman vs flash

Tuesday, October 11

foto . fealty

Monday, October 10

blogmaster . aguysite blog's review

the dynamic dominic who maintains from 34,000 feet decided to review my blog. so guess fucking what. i decided to review my review of my own blog. i'll be honest. fair and a male cunt. this should be fun. let's begin.

first off thank you for enjoying my blog from 34,000 feet. the best form of apperication is critical review!

from 34,000 feet wrote: "Naturally most of the readers of blogs are also bloggers themselves. It is estimated that in the US alone (although most statistics are still not scientific, as it is difficult to track them all), there are some 3.3 million blogs being updated daily. On that note, this week I would like to start reviewing some of my favorite blogs. Mind you that these are blogs that I read every day, and so they are top notch to begin with. My evaluation is my individual bitchy judgment. If you are hurt by my opinion of your blog…I’m sorry in advance and hope that we can still be blogmates. :) I would like to begin today at the top of my blogrolling list with “A Guy Site”. This adult blog (must be 18 or older to view) whose author is located in Dallas Texas never disappoints. He brings in plenty of hot imagery available from various movies, advertisements, television, and gay porn. Every now and again he will discuss something of topic, such as Hurricane Rita, but your visit to A Guy Site is nothing more than a great find for the hottest gay and straight boys in the blog world and plenty of links to see more (at a cost of course)."

aguysite blogmaster resonds: well everyone's a blogger nowadays. but only a few stick with it. some view a blog as a "thing" they maybe mess with once in a blue moon. others keep it going weekly or on a daily basis. always updating, creating affiliate programs for blog maintaince and showcasing their personal talent through carefully selected images and text.

my feelings won't be hurt by yours or any review so don't worry dominic. for anyone starting a blog, your heart and opinions are out for public review. when you learn to accept that then you can begin to welcome positive and negative comments as something you can work from.

"Every now and again he will discuss something of topic..." well that's true. i'm more of a visual blog. my content is more for the queer eye than the intellectual aspect of your queer mind. i'm also not into the politic rants but maybe a gentleman could inform me on the subjects of government... maybe in a hotel's presidental suite?

"...A Guy Site is nothing more than a great find for the hottest gay and straight boys in the blog world..." well the "nothing more" words does categorize me into limited possibilites according to dominic but when someone says this to you, you just keep doing what you do as a blogger and remain limitless in your own mind because everyone will have a different opinion on how you operate your blog. i have a feeling some bloggers out there [i'm not including dominic in this statement] don't respect me because my opinion is more faggy than influential. oh fucking well you judgemental male cunts.

enjoy corbin fisher . high quality site

"(at a cost of course)" this is true for the adult content. listen, we should pay for the proper high quality adult content. just join one site today and enjoy paid services. always pay for your merchandise, never steal. just be an adult about enjoying adult content.

from 34,000 feet wrote: 35000 Foot Ratings out of 10 possible points in each category:

Smart 2
Updated 8
Hotties 9
Funny 4
Design 6
Advertising v Content 3
Bitchy and Honest 2
Unique 5

aguysite blogmaster resonds: a 2 for smart, well i'm not going to argue with that. an 8 for updated is good, i do update nearly everyday and will continue to do so. a 9 for hotties, people are always telling me i have a good eye for all things male. a 4 for funny is appropriate because i don't see myself as the one always making witty jokes at parties, i laugh at people but i don't always make people laugh.

the 6 for design should be 7 but if dominic would have given me a 7 then i would have wanted an 8. a 3 for advertising v content confuses me... i just love to promote anything and advertising is considered content for aguysite blog. a 2 for bitchy and honest is alright i guess... i do reserve myself to you guys, i'm not ready to put everything out on the line just yet. this a great chance to deliever that most perfect line... "it's not you, it's me."

and finally a 5 for unique is perfect because my blog is different than most, an inspiration for some and just a daily visit for others. all in all i'm happy with the review. i apperciate from 34,000 feet's blog attention and i welcome many others wanting to critique my work. aguysite blog can only get better. and on 11.15.05, magmozine debuts. all new for you.

do you have an opinion about aguysite blog and how i run or operate it? then leave all comments, both positive + negative feedback.

Sunday, October 9

sunday . 21 days until damnation

21 days until halloween

oh god. please don't mistake this image for me. this is not me in any way. at all! just a random halloweenish image to help get those in the mood for all hallow's eve!

Saturday, October 8

cinematic . brokeback mountain

Friday, October 7

blogmaster . a diva is born

i will be out for the next 2 days because a very close lady friend has given birth to a baby girl! i'm going to be very busy with outside family interests but i expect to return to work later this weekend! okay. now all i have to do is to make sure my order for a bugaboo has gone through because the eager diva has arrived 2 weeks earlier then expected! have a wonderful weekend guys [and gals!].

Thursday, October 6

learn 2 lust . villous mammilla

Wednesday, October 5

blogmaster . moves

my first website i ever created,, is currently down. i've decided to move to a new hosting service... with that said will be rebuilt from the ground up. the site will still look very similiar to how it has always looked but tweaked a bit. so if anyone thinks is dead... it's not. just thought i'd let those of interest know.

aguysite blog + are still up and running. i'll notify when is back up and running. thank you.

Tuesday, October 4

hard sell . joey diego

Monday, October 3

wwe homecoming . dallas tx

i've got tickets and i'm so fucking there!

Sunday, October 2

cinematic . jarhead

Saturday, October 1

october letter . spooky tales + vacation

to those of interest,

today i write to inform those of recent web happenings for aguysite blog, + each of my web creations offer something different and queer for my readers. you may be a fan of just one site or you may be a fan of all three. it's your choice to keep returning and it's my job to keep entertaining.

my favorite holiday approaches. the one where you become something you're not. the one day where annoymous sex with a masked stranger becomes simply the most erotic moment in your entire queer year. then again he could blow his load in mere seconds thus making the night just a funny memory. halloween. october 31st. the gay man's christmas.

now comes the news many dread. well maybe 2 of you. i will be on vacation for halloween. the place. where fairies roam free. the time. around oct. 28 through most of the first week of november. the locale. a place of magic. a place of dreams. a place where 99 ghosts live. gaston, here i come! he's the only animated character i want to fuck me like only a beast of a man can!

also, before i leave to suck on gaston's oh so manly cock, i have a new week long theme "spooky tale's week" starting october 17th through the 21st. return on monday october 17th for a collection of spooky tales featuring gay characters experiencing frightening october nights. each story is easy to remember and should give you chills to your erection. and they are going to be great to spread among your friends during clubbing nights or street parties. i can't wait to debut each story.

in other news, i have a new project debuting on november 15, 2005. no delays. no excuses. come back to aguysite blog to find out what magmozine is all about. people have started to ask "what is magmozine?" and i just can't tell anyone anymore details at this moment. you'll have to come back on 11.15.05 and treat yourself to magmozine. i hope you'll enjoy it.

help get mario frangoulis on oprah!

and finally this is my continued attempt at getting mario frangoulis on oprah. but i need your help. go to's mario frangoulis . the oprah campaign to find out how YOU can help get this greek man on an upcoming episode of oprah! i fucking know oprah is the only one that can truely introduce this man to the female audience. most gay men already know of him and have loved sharing their secret musical find with their friends and famiy, now help share this secret with oprah! go now to mario frangoulis . the oprah campaign.

that's it for october. if you have anything positive or negative to say, post away in the comments below. although remember, if you want to rip me a new asshole, i'll return the favor.

back to work,
aguysite blogmaster.