Monday, October 10

blogmaster . aguysite blog's review

the dynamic dominic who maintains from 34,000 feet decided to review my blog. so guess fucking what. i decided to review my review of my own blog. i'll be honest. fair and a male cunt. this should be fun. let's begin.

first off thank you for enjoying my blog from 34,000 feet. the best form of apperication is critical review!

from 34,000 feet wrote: "Naturally most of the readers of blogs are also bloggers themselves. It is estimated that in the US alone (although most statistics are still not scientific, as it is difficult to track them all), there are some 3.3 million blogs being updated daily. On that note, this week I would like to start reviewing some of my favorite blogs. Mind you that these are blogs that I read every day, and so they are top notch to begin with. My evaluation is my individual bitchy judgment. If you are hurt by my opinion of your blog…I’m sorry in advance and hope that we can still be blogmates. :) I would like to begin today at the top of my blogrolling list with “A Guy Site”. This adult blog (must be 18 or older to view) whose author is located in Dallas Texas never disappoints. He brings in plenty of hot imagery available from various movies, advertisements, television, and gay porn. Every now and again he will discuss something of topic, such as Hurricane Rita, but your visit to A Guy Site is nothing more than a great find for the hottest gay and straight boys in the blog world and plenty of links to see more (at a cost of course)."

aguysite blogmaster resonds: well everyone's a blogger nowadays. but only a few stick with it. some view a blog as a "thing" they maybe mess with once in a blue moon. others keep it going weekly or on a daily basis. always updating, creating affiliate programs for blog maintaince and showcasing their personal talent through carefully selected images and text.

my feelings won't be hurt by yours or any review so don't worry dominic. for anyone starting a blog, your heart and opinions are out for public review. when you learn to accept that then you can begin to welcome positive and negative comments as something you can work from.

"Every now and again he will discuss something of topic..." well that's true. i'm more of a visual blog. my content is more for the queer eye than the intellectual aspect of your queer mind. i'm also not into the politic rants but maybe a gentleman could inform me on the subjects of government... maybe in a hotel's presidental suite?

"...A Guy Site is nothing more than a great find for the hottest gay and straight boys in the blog world..." well the "nothing more" words does categorize me into limited possibilites according to dominic but when someone says this to you, you just keep doing what you do as a blogger and remain limitless in your own mind because everyone will have a different opinion on how you operate your blog. i have a feeling some bloggers out there [i'm not including dominic in this statement] don't respect me because my opinion is more faggy than influential. oh fucking well you judgemental male cunts.

enjoy corbin fisher . high quality site

"(at a cost of course)" this is true for the adult content. listen, we should pay for the proper high quality adult content. just join one site today and enjoy paid services. always pay for your merchandise, never steal. just be an adult about enjoying adult content.

from 34,000 feet wrote: 35000 Foot Ratings out of 10 possible points in each category:

Smart 2
Updated 8
Hotties 9
Funny 4
Design 6
Advertising v Content 3
Bitchy and Honest 2
Unique 5

aguysite blogmaster resonds: a 2 for smart, well i'm not going to argue with that. an 8 for updated is good, i do update nearly everyday and will continue to do so. a 9 for hotties, people are always telling me i have a good eye for all things male. a 4 for funny is appropriate because i don't see myself as the one always making witty jokes at parties, i laugh at people but i don't always make people laugh.

the 6 for design should be 7 but if dominic would have given me a 7 then i would have wanted an 8. a 3 for advertising v content confuses me... i just love to promote anything and advertising is considered content for aguysite blog. a 2 for bitchy and honest is alright i guess... i do reserve myself to you guys, i'm not ready to put everything out on the line just yet. this a great chance to deliever that most perfect line... "it's not you, it's me."

and finally a 5 for unique is perfect because my blog is different than most, an inspiration for some and just a daily visit for others. all in all i'm happy with the review. i apperciate from 34,000 feet's blog attention and i welcome many others wanting to critique my work. aguysite blog can only get better. and on 11.15.05, magmozine debuts. all new for you.

do you have an opinion about aguysite blog and how i run or operate it? then leave all comments, both positive + negative feedback.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Man! How about you review my site again, and I'll review yours?


1:28 PM  
Anonymous Michelangelo said...

not quite 34,000 feet but from the 8th floor I give you 10's, pardon the pun, str8 across.

5:11 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

I'd give you higher marks on design. You've got a great eye and this - and aguysite - are always excellently designed.

7:22 PM  
Blogger jared said...

34,000 is all wet. you are a perfect 10!

1:19 AM  
Anonymous possi said...

I live on a small island off British Columbia and look forward to reading both your sites each morning.... keep it coming along with BBC World News its the way I start my day.


12:32 PM  
Blogger Marko said...

Hey, I just wanted to say that I really think your blog is pretty damn cool. I think its creative, hot and entertaining...isnt that what blogging is about? I concentrate on pop culture, music and with a little bit of my views on the world...I have fun with it, great post, keep it up, Im addicted to your site! Cheers!

9:55 PM  

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