Saturday, October 1

october letter . spooky tales + vacation

to those of interest,

today i write to inform those of recent web happenings for aguysite blog, + each of my web creations offer something different and queer for my readers. you may be a fan of just one site or you may be a fan of all three. it's your choice to keep returning and it's my job to keep entertaining.

my favorite holiday approaches. the one where you become something you're not. the one day where annoymous sex with a masked stranger becomes simply the most erotic moment in your entire queer year. then again he could blow his load in mere seconds thus making the night just a funny memory. halloween. october 31st. the gay man's christmas.

now comes the news many dread. well maybe 2 of you. i will be on vacation for halloween. the place. where fairies roam free. the time. around oct. 28 through most of the first week of november. the locale. a place of magic. a place of dreams. a place where 99 ghosts live. gaston, here i come! he's the only animated character i want to fuck me like only a beast of a man can!

also, before i leave to suck on gaston's oh so manly cock, i have a new week long theme "spooky tale's week" starting october 17th through the 21st. return on monday october 17th for a collection of spooky tales featuring gay characters experiencing frightening october nights. each story is easy to remember and should give you chills to your erection. and they are going to be great to spread among your friends during clubbing nights or street parties. i can't wait to debut each story.

in other news, i have a new project debuting on november 15, 2005. no delays. no excuses. come back to aguysite blog to find out what magmozine is all about. people have started to ask "what is magmozine?" and i just can't tell anyone anymore details at this moment. you'll have to come back on 11.15.05 and treat yourself to magmozine. i hope you'll enjoy it.

help get mario frangoulis on oprah!

and finally this is my continued attempt at getting mario frangoulis on oprah. but i need your help. go to's mario frangoulis . the oprah campaign to find out how YOU can help get this greek man on an upcoming episode of oprah! i fucking know oprah is the only one that can truely introduce this man to the female audience. most gay men already know of him and have loved sharing their secret musical find with their friends and famiy, now help share this secret with oprah! go now to mario frangoulis . the oprah campaign.

that's it for october. if you have anything positive or negative to say, post away in the comments below. although remember, if you want to rip me a new asshole, i'll return the favor.

back to work,
aguysite blogmaster.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to another "SPOOKISH" month!!!!!

great blog!!!!!

2:53 AM  
Blogger Ethan said...

I can not wait to learn more about magmozine!! I will do what I can to help mario!

11:57 PM  

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