Friday, October 21

spooky tales week . Don't let him out

[i first heard this story when i was at camp many years ago. camp wasn't as fun as some make it out to be but this spooky story is the only real memory i have from that experience. plus a very muscled and very hairy camp leader told the story so of course my full attention was on his every masculine, deep voiced word. i have no idea who came up with this story or what the true title is but i hope you enjoy it.]

As a full moon brightened the october night sky, a traveller drove his car down a beaten up road. The man dressed for a date had a map opened on the passenger side seat. On the sides of the road were tall trees with branches reaching out scratching the steel doors.

The man grasped the car wheel tightly as the car's headlights flickered. His eyes widened as the car began to die. "No, I wanted to get fuckin' laid!" After a few minutes of silence and with no hope of the car ever starting again, the man stepped out into the road. He looked around through the tall trees hoping to not see anything that would feast on his corpse.

Suddenly, there it was. A light! But a light from a great distance. He smiled closing the door making his way past the trees. His eyes never left the light for fear he would lose his way.

And then, to what the man thought was incredibly odd, was a tall wooden fence blocking his path. He looked to the right and then to the left, each side stretching as far as he could see. He focused on the light as his only means of help so he climbed over with ease. His many hours in the gym made that small feat no problem.

After a good while the man came up to a tall steel fence. He looked to the right and then to the left, the steel fence stretching as far as he could see. He proceeded to climb over the steel fence. He couldn't understand the reasoning for 2 fences. Was it to keep something in or to keep something out.

He made his way down a small slope in his journey towards the light to his shock was another tall wall made out of bricks! He grew angry as he used his gym muscles to pull his body weight up and over the brick wall. Suddenly the light was no longer just a light but a wooden cabin! He laughed sprinting for the property.

The man reached the porch knocking hard enough for anyone to hear. A slow moving elderly man dressed in a lab coat answered the door. The man started speaking a mile a minute about his situation and the fences and his need for help. The elderly man only said "Don't let him out."

The man looked at the elderly man confused but asked quickly "Can I use your phone?" The elderly man nodded and let him in. The elderly man left the room leaving our stranded traveller on his own. Beneathe his feet the wooden boards rumbled. A low cry was heard. A childlike cry that angered the man.

He quickly searched for the basement door while the elderly man was in the other room. He found it! Making his way down some wooden stair he found a long hallway. A steel door with a small window was at the end of the long hallway.

The man walked over as the childlike crying grew louder. "Hey, are you all right?" The crying stopped. The man looked through the small window on the door to see a large darkened room. In the corner, hidden in the large shadow, was the sound of something moving with chains. "What's going on here?" the man asked.

"Let me out. I want to play" said the soft voice from the shadow. "How do I let you out?" asked the man. "Press... the button" said the soft voice.

The man found a green button near the door and pressed it without question. The steel door unlocked. Next the chains unlocked. And then... from the shadow... a large furry redish hand, the size of a queen size bed, came into the light. It's large yellowish finger nails scrapped the metal floor. "Thankkk youuu" said the voice, now deeper and more menacing.

The man started to back away as the large hand pulled back into the shadow. "Let's play" said the voice from the shadow. The man took off towards the stairs and ran out through the basement door. The elderly man was nowhere in sight but the front door was wide open. The floor boards underneath his feet rattled as the entire house shock.

The man took off back into the woods towards the brick wall. Without looking back he could hear an explosion and the house collapsing. The man sprinted faster towards the brick wall scrapping his fingers as he reached the top. Just before he jumped to the other side, he looked back. He just had to! Standing taller than the house was a redish, furry, manlike beast. His eyes shining brightly in his darkened face.

The man threw himself over the edge and got to his feet. He could feel the beast started moving as the trees and ground shock. The man could hear the beast breaking through the brick wall. The man reached the steel fence quickly climbing over, his shirt suddenly caught. He slipped out of his shirt and continued forward.

The beast pushed down trees and ripped apart the steel fence with a strong roar. The man threw his body into the tall wooden fence climbing over. His energy and fight to live was dying. He cried as he collapsed near a tree. His eyes widened as the beast started walking his way. It's large foot coming down on the wooden fence.

The man closed his eyes screaming "Please don't hurt me!" The beast now stood in front of the weeping man. The beast's hand reached down pushing his dirty, yellow fingernail into the man's right shoulder. The nail piercing the skin making the man scream! And the beast said... [highlight below...]

You're it."


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