Wednesday, October 19

spooky tales week . pendejo coche

A hitchhiker was walking down a lonely road one october night. He suddenly noticed a car moving towards him and his mischievous mind came into play. Just as the car came within a few feet of the hitchhiker, he pulled out a knife and jumped into the passenger side. "Get out of the car pendejo!" yelled the hitchhiker to quickly find that no one was driving. As the car picked up speed, the hitchhiker's heart skipped a beat.

Just as the car made a turn the hitchhiker leaped out with his face buried in the dirt repeating a prayer his dear old mother taught him when he was a boy. Minutes past and the man finally looked up into a silent road. The car was no where in sight. He got up and continued down the road always looking over his shoulder.

Finally, just up ahead, the hitchhiker saw lights! It was a local bar! He rushed inside laughing at the sight of people. He quickly took a seat at the bar and asked for the strongest stuff they could offer. He next went into great detail about his story and how he escaped death!

Minutes after the hitchhiker finished his story, 2 Mexicans walked into the bar. The bartender noticed them calling them over. "You've got to hear this man's story!"

So the 2 Mexicans listened to the hitchhiker's every word. They gave each other a wide eyed look once the story finished and burst into laughter. And then one of the Mexicans says "So you're the pendejo who jumped into the car when we were pushing it down the hill!"

[a popular story found online. i am not the creator but i am responsible for this new version]


Anonymous Peter said...

Pe-tah here again. And I don't have many pics of myself that I can post. I really should get some professional shots done. ;)

And regarding eprops, they're really nothing...they're basically useless. So don't worry about how to use them.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Peter said...

You've been added to the protected list. Actually, you would have to be a xanga member and logged in to view the protect entries.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous matt said...

awesome site man. thanks for all the entertainment

10:03 PM  

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