Friday, October 21

vote today . Best Queer EyeCandy Blog

the editors over at gcspotlight mag is currently holding their 4th annual international 'sa grace d' excellence awards'. and guess who's nominated!! i'm nominated under the "Best Queer EyeCandy Blog"... and I'm confused because aguysite blog is my blog yet, my website, is nominated under this blog category... but each site can't exist without the other so i'm happy either way.

i was told that "This award is traditionally bestowed upon the websites in cyberspace that are deemed exceptional and nominated by surfers by invitation on our website gcspotlight mag". Well I thank every last one who help get my site nominated for this wonderful award.

now you have until november 30th to vote. just head on over to gcspotlightmag's voting page and find and click "vote" or you can click the blog i'm running against and "vote" for them. we all deserve something right?


Blogger greekgaylolita said...

Whatever you say chief:)

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