Tuesday, November 15

magmozine.com . my newest blog!

enter magmozine.com

attention aguysite.com blog readers... aguysite blog has officially ended its 1.4 year run. as of today, i will no longer maintain aguysite blog. it's over. done. finished.

why you ask? because aguysite blog has changed into something brand new. something brighter. a bit more professional with a touch of pornographic class. i welcome you [18 years of age and older] and your faghag to the newest edition of blogs created by the webmaster of aguysite.com.

[drum roll...] Magmozine.com! [tah fucking dahhhh!]

if you are an avid reader slash viewer of aguysite blog, i encourage you to change your bookmarks and/or links from aguysite blog to magmozine.com. do it now. stop reading for a second and fix the link. come back here when you've finished...

okay. for those curious as to what will happen to aguysite blog, this blog will remain online for six months from today to serve as an archive for those seeking previous posts of my work. every now and then you'll see "new vintage" on magmozine.com, these are re-posts of material featured on this blog.

my email of aguysiteblog at hotmail dot com is also now no longer working. if you need to contact me, head on over to magmozine.com for my new email. if your blog and/or website is featured on magmozine.com, then i enjoy the work you do. if you are not featured, most cases is i have yet to discover your work and you should drop me a line with a link to your blog/website.

for those of interst, aguysite blog ended its run with 448,616 hits. i'm proud of that number. while some get this amount in a day, new bloggers such as myself enjoy numbers such as these. as i always say to those interested in started a blog, there's an audience out there for your work.

finally, if you have a blog and would like to help promote magmozine.com, please go right ahead and help me promote. a shout out. a text link. a write up. a review. a picture link- if you like magmozine.com, then help promote. thank you everyone for sticking me for so long. i look forward to another great year with you guys.

and that about wraps up my work here at aguysite blog. i look foward to seeing you all over at Magmozine.com! the backdoor is widddeee open for you!

Sunday, November 13

dishabille . malodorous beef

Friday, November 11

learn 2 lust . the bud light cowboy

Thursday, November 10

magmozine . debuts 11.15.05

Wednesday, November 9

foto . raw

Tuesday, November 8

blogmaster . back 2 work

well my disneyish vacation is officially over. today i plan on unpacking and getting everything "fixed" offline. many of you guys know how it is... you leave your problems at home waiting for you and they didn't go fucking anywhere until you fix them. once all that is done, i'll return to posting later today.

in the coming weeks of november i've got many debuts for my 3 websites. look for a week long feature of disney dads & disney hunks as well as the debut of magmozine on 11.15.05. you can also expect the debut of the november/december edition of aguysite.com in the coming weeks as well as my first interview for guytvblog.com.

thanks for visiting aguysite blog daily while i was gone, my daily numbers never dropped but finally reached over the 4,000 hits a day. wow! thank you for your continued support and interest in my work. all three of my websites are here because of you. ;o) thank you!